Staying Exploring And Commuting In Athens

Athens is one of the most beautiful places you can visit if you are looking for some place with beauty, charm and history. The Greek city is akin to a live museum. The first thing you will notice after reaching Athens is how much the ancient Greek architecture and art is still prevalent in the city. All across you will find various examples of architecture which has a strong connection with that of the ancient Greek style. However, all that is available in the old Athens. Modern Athens is a part of the city which was completely refurbished and redesigned to provide every modern delight to the visitors and citizen back in the year 2004, at the time of the Olympics. Yet, even after the modification and redesigning, old Athens and modern Athens do not seem to be competing with each other, it seems like they compliments each other. If you are visiting Athens shortly you would love to take up a hotel in the modern part and enjoy the beauty of the ancient areas of the city.

There are all types of hotels available in the city. I personally loved the boutique hotel Greece. They are some of the finest accommodation options you will come across in the city. Not only are these hotels extremely luxurious, but they also happens to be fine example of Greek architecture. Divani Caravel Hotel is a fine place to check in to when you are in the city. You will be able to book your accommodation from the comfort of your residence well before the date of travel through their online booking portal. The benefit of this is that you will be able to beat the crowd of tourists after you have reached the city and will also be able to get some early bird discount (if available at the time of booking).

Commuting within Athens can be a little confusing if you are not well acquainted with the local travel styles. You will find that there are rented cars and mopeds available for personal use. You may also avail of the buses within the city to get from one place to another. However, given the great attractions all along the roads of the city and the architectural beauty all around, you will not feel bored if you take a walking tour of the city. Walking tours are also the cheapest way to explore the city. You will be able to get a guide from a large number of places all across Athens. Getting a good guide can turn your road trip into a time travel through the pages of history of the city.

Besides these modes, another unique way of travelling in the city is taking taxi tours. These tours may be for half a day or a full day. These taxi tours will not cost you as much as renting a car for a complete day. There is also the metro network within the city which will allow you to get from one place to another. Before you begin your tour, unless your guide is planning everything, make sure you have a list of places of attractions that you wish to check out. Entire Athens is like a huge museum, but you will certainly love to check out the massive buildings in ancient Athens area as well as the range of museums dotting the city map.

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