Staying in Corus Hotel Hyde Park has never been better

A noisy, fast paced and a vibrant city called London has so much to offer to a tourist. A city where language will never be a barrier and one can easily communicate in a universal language called “English” but there are so many other things one should know before he plans to travel to this fascinating city. London being famous as a Great Britain’s capital followed by a few of its astonishing landmarks such as Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace would. People specially come to have one glimpse of the royals living in this city and the cultural galleries.

Every traveller would find his place of interest as the city is not only famous for its Art museums and Architectural towers, but for its shopping malls, parks and squares.  Few of the things to be kept in mind if you are travelling the city for the first time:

  • Breakfast is supreme: English people are quite particular about their breakfast in the morning. Though you findlots of restaurants with a sign of full English breakfast, however the savings would be two eggs, bacon, beans, toast and a grilled tomato which can be very expensive as well. Therefore, one should know what he/she gets served before sitting down for it.
  • The city is expensive: Like its meaning ‘Pound’ is heavy on a pocket as well. It is 1-2 times expensive than dollar. This means everything from buying a soda to the hotel room everything is expensive. Therefore, one has to choose the accommodation only after the careful study on the hotel options.
  • Commuting is time consuming: Leave the word ‘Rush if you have decided to travel to London. As being a fast paced city it also leads to lots of jams on the roads and overboardtubes, especially in rush hours, therefore avoid those hours of travel and allocate plenty of time In the later part of the day.

Spenda good time in its treasure of art galleries, theatres and historical sites.Therefore, choose an accommodation which gives easy access to the city’s main attractions. One such hotel is Corus hotel Hyde Park, which is situated in the heart of the Central London, Lancaster Gate. It is a 200 year old Georgian building which is located almost in the Hyde Park itself.  The hotel is accessible, provides comfortable services & very near to the major attractions.

Starry services Corus Hotel Hyde Park:

A fine restaurant along with opera, which offers a very unique fine dining experience to all its guests

Spacious Standard and Executive twin rooms, Family rooms & Deluxe rooms are available for the guest with plenty of other services like Bar, Free Wi-Fi, Gym, Dry cleaning, Lift Elevators etc.

Navigation guide to Corus Hotel Hyde Park:

It is not only located near the Hyde Park but it is very close to the Oxford street, which is famous as a shopping destination. Guests can walk the park and after the shopping they can also go and check the Princess Diana memorial in Kensington Garden or head to West end for a night fun. It is very close to the Paddington Station and the Heathrow Express allows guests to reach to any desired location in the city.

Extra occupancy information:

The rooms have no space for the extra beds therefore only 1 child allowed who is more than 3 years. Any child under 3 years can stay for free in existing beds.

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