Sunday market, it’s a fun time

London is a land of visitors, shoppers and los very well known for markets. You can see different markets and shop till you drop. Here you can also get a chance to do window shopping.

London is very well known for its markets. There are many markets where you can enjoy the shopping. In London you can enjoy the Sunday markets. In London stall holders establish their stalls and start their business irrespective of the season and climatic conditions. They start their business generally early morning and face the big crowd of the persons throughout the day.  They have skills to convince the customers enough so that they buy something. Some of them also need to work on Sunday to earn more money. These markets are specifically open on Sabbath day.

Sunday up Market

This market is located on the opposite side of the brick lane.  People who visit these markets are usually offered a huge variety of food items from all corners of the world. In summer season you will find stalls outside the Truman Brewery which sell some sweets and other delicacies. At the same time Astroturf is fulfilled with many people who have improved from the night. When the climate will be cold, the market will be in door and you will get to see new clothes, accessories, art pieces and many more.AS the markets is indoor type market you can shop at your best no matter what the season is. This is the best market in the city.

Columbia Road Flower Market

The name says it all. The market is flooded with lots of fresh flowers of different color. Here you will get to see flowers of different types and the market originates from the Victorian times. You can enjoy seeing the flowers not necessary you should buy them. Here you can get flowers at the most reasonable rates. Apart from the stalls at this place you will also see some shops on one side of the road where you will see people selling clothes, accessories, art pieces, jewelry and many more other things. This place is very busy and crowded all the time. So if you want to enjoy shopping then you should choose to go early. If you choose to go in rush hours then you may have to spend more time here.

Chatsworth Road Market

This is one of the best markets of the city that represents the London’s redevelopment. Finely situated in Clapton, the markets  attract the visitors. The market was previously very well known for Murder Mile’. This is just because its high gun crime rate. As the rates of houses go up, the buyers have to go for other areas and cannot find a budget house in this area. In this market you will see people selling vintage clothing, food like slow roasted lamb and organic products. Here you can get everything at the most affordable prices.

Old Spitalfields Market

This is one of the most very well-known market in London. This is very old market aging since 17th.The history of the market is very interesting and all stars of migration has made a lot of changes. The market is flooded with many things such as jewelry, clothes, accessories art pieces and antiques. They are fashionable as well as vintage. The new production was shifted to Leyton in the 90s when the market was being very popular. The market today is very crowded and busy all the time. This is located very near to the Liverpool Street station and you will find many places to eat and drink here.

Islington Farmer’s Market

If you come here on Sunday then you can get to see many food items here. The variety includes artisan cheeses, hand-rolled pasta, fruit and vegetables and also high quality meats. Though you can get everything for more money, it is surely worth paying. Incongruously on the weekdays you will not find any more changeshere.  Chapel Street Market is a place where you can get vegetables and fruits at a lower cost. You can also get home accessories at the most reasonable rates here. This is the best place if you want to do some window shopping.

Bayswater Road

On all Saturdays and Sundays artist sell their work at the Bayswater Road railings hoping that people passing by the roads will buy their artwork. This is an addition of over 50 years. They show more than 250 pieces everyday including sculptures, photographs and paintings. They also show many of landscapes. The area is very good to stay and you can stay at one of the best hotels in bayswater area London. There are many good hotels and you can stay at a hotel that can offer you the best services and affordable rates as well.

Image Courtesy: The Lud

Camden Lock Market

There are is much to see here but it is really busy on the weekends. Vintage lovers will enjoy old style clothes at the most reasonable rates. You can also try different food items at the food stalls. You should not missing going to the Victorian MARKET hall.

 Petticoat Lane

This is one more East End MARKET. This market is fully loaded with clothes. You can get items at the most reasonable rates across many stalls set up. You can get trendy cloths here.

Greenwich Market

This market has many alternatives for food lovers like dim sum, Brazilian churros and even Yorkshire pudding. Once your stomach is full you can check out verities of clothes, antique furniture, accessories, and many more.  You may get stylish items here as well as some vintage style items too.

If you are a shopping lover then London has many things for you. You can check out some fantastic shopping opportunities in Bayswater. There are many good markets selling clothes, accessories shoes etc. and you can also get a chance to bargain. This market is open for the visitors for all the twenty four hours of the day.

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