Take A Royal Trip to London

One of the very special things about London is the fact that it is home to the British Royal Family and so there are many wonderful attractions such as the palaces and parks located here which have connections to the British Royals; some of these connections stretch back for hundreds of years too making them not only of interest to anyone who has an appreciation for the Monarchy but also giving them historical importance as well.

The Royal Attractions do appeal to people of all ages but they are often especially great for families visitingLondonas the Queen and the rest of the British Monarchy is an often covered subject in schools even for Primary Age children.  Many of the greatest Royal attractions have specially designed events for families and children, to teach them about the history of the attraction and to engage and delight children of all ages too.

Of course we understand that the majority of trips toLondonare taken under time constraints and unless you are coming specifically to only visit the Royal attractions then you might only be able to select one or two to include on your sightseeing itinerary.  That’s why we have put together a snapshot of some of our favourite attractions and landmarks with connections to the British Royal Family:-

 Kensington Palace

Once the residence of the much loved Princess Diana, this is now the home of Prince William and Kate and their two children.  It is possible to visit both the King’s State Apartments and the Queen’s State Apartments and there is also an interesting exhibition on the life of Queen Victoriawhich features her life as a princess and her life as Queen.  KensingtonPalaceGardensare also worth taking the time to explore if you are visiting the Palace and it is here that you can find a memorial fountain and playground for the late Princess Diana.  If you are staying in the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel London then you will find the Palace and Gardens very easy to access. KensingtonPalace is located within Hyde Park, another of the city’sRoyalParks and one which is very much worth visiting in its own right if you have the time.  You could hire a boat and pedal up the Serpentine or book a horse riding trek across the 350 acres.

 Westminster Abbey

It is probably not worth paying the entrance fee for the Abbey, especially if you have younger children travelling in your party but this famous Abbey is still worth viewing from the outside at the very least.  It has played a huge role in the lives of the British Monarchy, with the majority of the Kings and Queens in British History being crowned here as well as Royal christenings and weddings take place as well.  There is also a lovely little café situated within the 13th century cloisters of the Abbey which could be the ideal spot to grab some lunch.  The Cellarium is set in the heart of the Abbey and also has a terrace offering a wonderful view of some of the other landmarks located nearby.

The Tower of London

A stunning and imposing structure, there really is no missing the impressive Tower of London and if you only have time to visit one Royal attraction whilst in the city then this could very well be the one for you.  It has stood for almost 1,000 years and has been a prison, a zoo, a palace and, more recently; it is now the home to the Crown Jewels.  If you are choosing to take advantage of one of the budget hotel deals London then you won’t find getting to theTower ofLondon a problem at all.  It is situated right next to Tower Bridge on the banks of the River Thames and features on many of the different routes taken by the sightseeing buses and tours which you will find located all over the city.

Buckingham Palace

Of course no Royal visit toLondonwould be complete without a trip to see the current residence of the Queen;BuckinghamPalace.  It is even possible to see inside the Palace when specific parts open to the public during the summer months but even from the outside it is a pretty impressive sight.  Be sure to look out for the Royal Standard flying high above the Palace; it is flown only when the Queen is in residence.  If you can see the Union Jack then that means that the Queen is not currently present at the Palace, a common misconception.  If you time your visit correctly you may also be treated to seeing the pageantry of the Changing of the Guard.  This is a daily occurrence, taking place around 11am and is a real must for anyone with an interest in the pomp and traditions of the British Royal Family.

 Fortnum & Mason

Finally, for a truly Royal experience inLondonthen you must visit the very place in which the Queen herself shops; or at the very least it is the store responsible for sending the Royal Family’s groceries.  Fortnum & Mason is a wonderful place to visit even without the prestigious Royal tag attached and you can easily find yourself getting lost for hours on end admiring the lovely items on sale here.  Open since 1707 you can find everything from hampers to wine on sale and if that wasn’t enough, there are even five restaurants to choose from including a rather special ice cream parlour.  Whilst you might not be able to see yourself carrying out a week’s worth of shopping here, you might find a trinket or two worth investing in to commemorate your Royal trip to the city.


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