Ten Amazing Locations You Must Visit In The UK

For years the United Kingdom has attracted international tourists because of historic cities and beautiful countryside. England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland each have their own unique attractiveness from medieval castle to high class museums. Thus making the UK a diverse and sought after holiday destination. Here are some places that are a must see when visiting the UK.

The Scottish Highlands
The northern, rugged portion of Scotland, the Highlands can summon up vision of lochs, tartan, kilts, and Mel Gibson from Braveheart.  However, its true beauty lies within the mountain ranges. Sparsely populated with people, it certainly makes up for it with mountains, including the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis. Even with the beautiful bounty of mountains, the Highlands most popular attractions are the Eilean Donan Castle and the Loch Ness Lake, home of the famous and illusive Loch Ness Monster.

Located just north of London, Cambridge is one of the loveliest cities in England. Home to one of the top universities in the world, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge has all the cultural and entertainment varieties you would expect from a college town. Rivals to Oxford University, also located outside of London, Cambridge and Oxford hold an annual goat race. The Great Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race is a famous pun based animal race put on to raise money for charity. It’s a big tourist attraction every April and tends to be a big laugh.

The third largest national park in the UK, Snowdonia is a stunning. Located in Wales and consisting of a 360-view of valleys, mountains, and a remarkable view of the coast. On a clear day, tourists can even see Ireland across the valleys.

Located on the Border of England and Wales, Chester city is more than 2,000 years old. Engulfed in rich history, Chester has plenty of culture and architecture to explore. Roman and medieval walls surround the city and along with its distinctive black and white revival architecture, it is one of Chester’s biggest tourist attractions.

The Lake District
In North West England in the county of Cumbria, the name Lake District says it all. The main attractions are the lakes, mountains, and hills sides which were carved by glacial erosion. Thus making for dramatic and awe inspiring scenery. It is the second largest National Park in the UK and the park is visited by over 13 million tourists every year! It is a hiker enthusiast’s dream vacation to say the least.

This pedestrian friendly city has some of the richest heritage in the United Kingdom. Packed behind its walls are a number of historical and modern tourist attractions. One of the city’s most remarkable landmarks is the York Minster. The stone cathedral is filled with remarkable works of art and architecture. York is situated where the River Foss meets the River Ouse.

Located in the westernmost point of the United Kingdom, Cornwall has it all, a peninsula that offers a picturesque golden beaches and a jagged cliffs overlooking the sea. It is a favourite for both English and international tourists looking to relax and soak up some sun.

One of the seven wonders of the medieval world, Stonehenge attractions millions of tourists every year. Composed of large standing stones in a circular setting, this structure dates back to 2500 BC and was not completed until 1600BC. Besides being one of the most iconic historical structures, Stonehenge is also home to some of the most important Neolithic and Bronze Age finds in the United Kingdom.

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is full of history, from the iconic Edinburgh Castle right down to its cobblestone streets. Edinburgh has more than 4,000 historic sites between the Old and New towns, including Edinburgh’s most famous street, the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile connects Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and today is home to some of the best shopping and restaurants in Edinburgh.

One of the most famous cities in the world, London is over encumbered with art galleries, museums, shopping, dining, parks, theatres, and music venues.  London has been the pinnacle of art, music, literature, and theatre throughout history. On top of all that, London houses true royalty, from Buckingham Palace to the crown jewels. There are so many attractions in London that one could not possibly see it in just one go. Luckily there are plenty of hotels in London; like The Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel so you can extend your stay and take in as much of London as you possibly can.

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