Ten Interesting Facts and Figures about Regent Street in London

It is essential that you know about the famous Regent Street of London. Regent Street is based in the western part of London and it lies exactly on the boarder of Mayfair and Soho.

  1. This part of the city is known as the eminent shopping centre and here you can discover the traditional stores of London. At the place you find stores like Hamleys and Liberty of London.
  2. You also have the chain of the new retailers making a mark at the destination. This makes you visit the Hollister Co. and Apple. This is the chic and the smartest outlet and you have the best things to procure at the place.
  3. The Regent Street is the high end area and you find the best stuffs at the destination. Regent Street holds the latest fashions and the advanced technology will help you get the smartest stuffs in hand. You can buy your kid the newest toy at the place and the most delicious candy is waiting for you at the destination.
  4. You would be interested to know about the trendiest retail centres on the Regent Street. This will help you buy the best of items at absolute convenience. It is fun to go shopping at the destination and you would love the exquisite show of the items.
  5. It is time that you make a stay at the Park Grand Hotel. The Regent Street came into being in the year 1814 and 1825. This is one of the planned developments in the history of London. The place is known for the international construction and the Government treat the place as the commercial area. It was in the year 1811 that the plan of the place was drawn by John Nash and this way the Regents Park was connected with the Pall Mall. In the process the residence of the Prince Regent was best stylised and was given the name of Carlton House.
  6. The construction of the place was founded by Prince George and the street was named after him. The Regent Street is owned and possessed by the Crown Estate. This is the organization responsible for managing the crown and the responsibility was passed from the crown to the government and the king got a yearly grant for the same. The exchange of power has been truly effective and there has been genuine development due to the change in seat. The government takes care of the Regent Street with all authority and also calls for renovation whenever necessary.
  7. The Regents Street has gone through massive renovation. However, the original building still remains and there is even the All Souls Church. The Langham stands just next to the BBC Broadcasting House. By the end of the 19th century there has been change in the shopping necessities and the change made things better for the existing consumers.
  8. The old shops are no longer apt for the old buyers. Things are made better for better purchasing of the goods. The new look of the shops will help you feel so confident at the time when you are purchasing the products.
  9. The Regents Street is close to the Park Grand Paddington Court. You have the larger stores like the Selfridges and the Harrods and these stores have become the norms of the day. The new buildings are constructed based on the fact that they can maintain the uniformity. The uniqueness in design is sure to help you have the perfect Regents Street shopping experience. You would love to go about the various shops and it is time that you explore through the items and feel the essence of Regents Street shopping. These are well designed outlets and you would love the way things are sold and displayed at the various outlets.
  10. From the year 1850, the area of the Regents Street remains alive even at the night time. This is due to the various nocturnal events taking place at the venue for the entire night. This is why you can go for late nigt6 shopping at the Regents Street. Most of the shopkeepers will keep the stores open till 7pm at night. This is the stretched time span when you have the option to visit the stores at the time when you are coming back home after work. You can peep within the stores and make the necessary purchases.

There is even a theatre on the Regents Street. You can consider the same as the vital performance venue. You have all the special bands playing at the place. The musical display keeps the Regents Park alive. In fact, you are made to feel entertained all along. You have the musical performances of the bands like T.Rex, AC/DC, David Bowie, Rod Steward, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Slade and the rest. The musical presentations set the mood of the general public and they feel obliged to go shopping at the Regents Street. The experience is really something different and unique.

Even the Park Grand London Heathrow is close to the Regents Street. You have more than 7.5 million people visiting the venue on yearly basis. The street is more than one mile in distance and you have a total space of 1.5 million square feet. The retail area is massive and you have more than 20,000 customers visiting the Regents Street on yearly basis. Apart from the major retailers you even have the provisions for the small offices. There are more than 400 small offices on the street and you can even see the larger office spaces positioned rightly on the area.

Mile of Style is the other name for Regents Street. It holds the status of the fashion Mecca and the length of the street is considered to be the positive aspect of the specific London zone. People love the nickname of the street and they prefer visiting the area for the commendable shopping experience. The scene of the street changes at the time of Christmas. This is when things appear all the more glamorous and shinning. This is the time when Regents Street sells the best of foods and fashion items absolutely at your convenience.

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