Thames River cruise, just for free

If you are ona budget tour and want to save your money on your London tour then free Thames rivercruise will help you to do so. The river ride will take you through the most importantand wellknown attractions of the city. There are many ways in which you can save money on your London tour. Free Thames river cruse is one of them. This free river cruise ride can help you to save your money while you are onyour London tour. Now you can delight in stunning views of the city of London from the river Thames and also see the sights along the river like the HMS Belfast, the Shard, Tower Bridge and big ben for free. This ride is really an exciting experience. You can just stroll through the most important attractions of the city and enjoy. This boat ride is best one for those who do not have money and time to sit in London eye and see all the attractions at a glance.

Cruise in London

There are weather boats that have upper decks and large lower saloons thathave panoramic windows. The timings of tour are differentvarying from 30 minutes to 3 hours. There arefourpalaces tocover Westminster,London Eye,Tower Bridge,and Greenwich. The river cruise tour takes you through some of the attractive andoldest buildings like the Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, and Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe, Cutty Sark, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, Millennium Footbridge, HMS Belfast battle-cruiser and Canary Wharf. You need to make advance booking for the cruise as it gets full early. This river cruise can really be helpful for you if you have short of tie on thetour and want to cover many places in minimum time.

The Thames is biggest LondonRiver. You will always see rowers and kayakers that use the river for the water sports practice. The river Thamesis made up of more than 80 islands. In the year 1600 the ThamesRiver immobilized over and many tents and entertainments came to be established over the water. There are many good five star hotels near the river Thames like the park grand Kensington hotel London where you can have a relaxing stay. This is one of the best hotels in the city where you can have a great time. The hotel offers the best services to the guests. Youcan also get many discounts for booking online.

Westminster Pier
If you want to see a few of the London’s most momentous landmarks, Westminster Pier is a right alternative to discover through Tate Britain, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Churchill Museum, Big Ben,Cabinet War Rooms and the Buckingham Palace.It is just on a walking distance from the River Thames in the noise of the central London in the areas of Covent Garden, Leicester Square and SoHo. You can reach to these places in notime. This can be a great experiencefor you.

London Eye
Located on the side of the London’s well-known Southbank area one can plunge himself in the “cultural heart”. Walk along the famous boardwalk, see some streetperformers and many pop up food joints or see the more literary landmarks like the National Theatre, British Film Institute, Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. You will enjoy the street shows here as they are free of cost. Youcanenjoy the bestfood and drinks at the pop up joints. As you go ahead on the riverside, you can see the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Tower Bridge
This is the most popular stop of the river cruise. It helps youto discover the tower of London and the tower bridge which are two of London’s most famous breakthroughs. With attached links to the financial hub and the historic center of London, you can see the monument, Design Museum, HMS Belfast. TowerBridge is such a landmark in the city where one can get to learn history of the city. So if you are a history lover, you will sill surely get to learn a lot here.

Little away from the busy Central London, this dock is popular forfeeling the stretch of palatial grounds and Greenwich Park and also some small shops in the area. The recently started Cutty Sark is there to seeand learn about thehistory.The nearby sites include Greenwich Market, Royal Observatory Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum. These sites can be reached easily andquickly. This area is one of the most peaceful areas in the city.

Getting there
You can get here through the Westminster underground. You can make use of the waterloo underground to get there or the tower hill underground. If you take a London pass with the oyster card then your travel will be covered in the package. You can buy a London pass so that you can save your money and time as well. By using this you can save money if your journey is for more than 3 days.Youcan do anonline research and see which attractions you would like to cover. The pass allows you to see many known sites without having to stand in big lines. This is the reason many people opt for theLondon pass.One can buy the London pass from any of the underground tub stations.

If you are on a budget tour to London then you can stay at one of the best 4 star hotels in Kensington London. There are many four start hotels in London where you can have a relaxing stay. Most of these hotels are located in the heart of the city and hence moving around is easy. All the hotels offer best services and facilities to the guests. Youcan check the details online and book yourhotel room online. Just plan your tourand be ready for a wonderful time.

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