The 6 Best Things about London City Hotels

There are lots of things which make London a great place to visit, including the range and diversity of London city hotels on offer.  Whatever your preference of accommodation and budget, there will be something which works for you.  But just in case you needed further persuasion, here’s why we think nothing beats a London city hotel:-

1. They are unique

London has some of the most interesting hotels in the world.  From the Pavilion Hotel with its exotic interior design through to the ultimate luxury of Hotel 41, there are many diverse and unique choices when it comes to hotels in the capital city.

2. They are good value for money

As a capital city, you would expect that overnight accommodation would be costly and whilst this is true of some hotels, the majority actually offer good value for money.  Hotels like The Montcalm, provide a high standard of accommodation with great facilities such as a restaurant and spa and don’t cost as much as you might expect.

3. They are central

There is always something great happening in London and booking a city hotel will put you right in the middle of this buzzing and vibrant city.

4. They have great restaurants

Many of the top hotels in London also have fantastic restaurants attached, with famous chefs on their staff.

5. They are world class

Whether you are looking to book a romantic break away for a loved one or simply want to spend the night surrounded by luxury, London has so many amazing four and five stars hotels on offer that you will literally be spoiled for choice and the majority of them offer world class services.

6. They are a retreat

London is a bustling and busy city and whilst that can be great during the day, when it comes to getting some all important beauty sleep, the last thing you want is to be surrounded bu noise.  Many London hotels have been designed and decorated to inspire nothing but peace to enable guests to easily get some rest.

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