The Beautiful Noses of SoHo

London is famous for the seven noses of SoHo which provide intrigue and interest to the tours here.

The seven noses of SoHo is a concept that took birth from a whim of the artist Rick Buckley who decided to protest against the presence of CCTV cameras in the city of London on the streets. These cameras were a scope for attracting attention and also won a lot of criticism in the process. Many people in fact began to view these as a step that is nearer the realms of invasion of privacy. Rick Buckley took it on a humorous front.

Image Courtesy : Andreas Praefcke – Own work

The Origin of the Noses
Rick decided to put casts of his own nose on popular structures seen by tourists and thus had the pleasure of objecting to the liberty that the surveillance cameras had. He just took glue paste with him and went out on a mission to place the plaster of Paris as well as polymer casts of his nose all over the city.

The Admiralty Arch
The Admiralty Arch had a protruding nose on one of the arches which gave rise to many theories about how it has originated and for what purpose it was made of. This is a respectful tribute to the Duke of Wellington. He was a man who was famous for the announcement that his troops took over the figure in spite of the hottest battles. The nose is at the height of a waist for people who would be on a horse. So these people would rub this nose for the sake of good luck as they went past Admiralty Arch.

Many other people say that the Admiralty Arch nose is a replacement for the Nelson statue in the opposite Trafalgar Square. There is a continuous traffic here and many times tourists miss the nose easily.

The Windmill Theatre Nose
The Great Windmill Street is an outback wilderness and is not easily visible. One only has to look for a small bump in the building or any misaligned part of the concrete wall and one can spot it easily. This nose on the Windmill Theatre is a protuberance on the wall. It looks as if it has been given a thick paint and almost also resembles the remains of an old pipe that has been painted all over. It is found on the extension bit of the Great Windmill Street that is found along the Trocadero. There are lips here on a wall in the street. It is really shocking that someone would have taken the trouble to kiss on this wall which is full of bacteria and nasty bugs. As one approaches the Coventry Street one gets to see the nose which is popular as the Great Windmill Street nose. This nose lies between Coventry Street and Shaftesbury Avenue.

The Meard Street Nose
The Meard Street is another place where one gets to see the nose and it is a large white nose in fact. It was put here to protest against a property dispute. It also is indicative of a social awareness project which saw many items like stones and signs that spoke back to passersby and one of them was a nose letting out a sneezing sound.

The Bateman Street Nose
This is found in Bateman Street and is brown in colour painted the same way in the wall. The Bateman Street nose is almost like the wall it is on so one could miss it easily.

The Quo Vadis Nose
The Dean Street has this nose which is by Quo Vadis in SoHo. It is on the wall of Leonis Quo Vadis. It is indeed a challenge for many to find it. It is right next to a strip club next to Quo Vadis.

The Tom Baker Skull
This really looks eerie on the Sir Tom Baker tailor’s shop. Reach Endell Street and walk through the sidewalks of SoHo. There are bustling shops here and also a street lined with pubs from Covent Garden’s Long Acre. Right on the left side on Endell Street one can see it jutting out of Service point.

The Seven Noses of SoHo are in fact a great catch for all who come to this part of the world. They invite lot of curious stares from tourists and also give a miss to many. If one is able to locate all of them, they are indeed considered lucky.

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Visit London and bring back a lost charm while delving into travel sights like the Seven Noses of SoHo.

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