The Best 5 days in London

Exuberance is the word that describes the life in London, an incredible city that offers you beautiful sights to explore, rich culture and art galleries, museums to visit.The city offers outdoor activitiesto keep you on your toes. Take a 3 day tour you are just skimming London, you are on your own exploring places and you are aware of what exactly London is all about, voila you have been able to capture the essence of this city. Now spend 5 full days in the city and you know that’s your best move ever, you get to know the city well and most importantly you get time to explore the neighbouring places. Even though London is a city that welcomes tourists all throughout the year and also not so heavy on your pockets, but if you have a mind set to savethen plan a visit according to the decent air fare and best offers available in the hotels. The hotels Park Grand Paddington Hotel , The Piccadilly London West End , the Montcalm and the Shaftesbury are sensitive to the needs of the travellers and offer competitiverates and some fabulous deals, therefore if next time you are on a sudden visit do happen to check out these.

Check out the deals for low air fare and also outdoor events, get the best deal on accommodation and get yourself an Oyster card to travel in the tube. This card is not heavy on your pockets even if you overstaythat’s the best bargain and don’t forget to keep the map of London handy.

Your First Day

Exploring London on your own gives a sense of immense pride along with pleasure.The very first day in London,carry the city map  along while you take a stroll around the place closer to your abode, head for the closest underground stations and check out the important sightseeing areas nearby which you can reach without hassles.If you are living in any of the above property Park Grand Paddington Hotel, The Piccadilly London West End, the Montcalm and the Shaftesbury you have access to free Wi-Fifacility,but it is difficult to say the same if you are staying in hostels or some other property asit is quite likely you have to figure out pubs with Wi-Fi facilities. On foot try explore the city, the free walking tour starts from Hyde Park and takes 2.5 hours to reach Parliament that’s the terminus. If you are a Tube traveller then maybe you could chalk out an itinerary to see some of the famous landmarks like Big Ben, London Bridge and London Eye to name a few. London in foggy weather is a beautiful picture that reflects the artist’s imagination while on a clear day you get to see the city London clearly while on the wheel, there is no way you should miss out on shopping at the Oxford street or dine in Soho before you call it a day.

The Second Day

London isthe city ofpageantry and gallantry, and to start the day with a visit to the Buckingham Palace to see changing of guards’event is a better idea. Perhaps the only problemhe/she might face is to search for a spot where one can get a good look at this event when it is the peak season so that you avoid disappointment thus it is advisable to reach fifteen minutes prior. Check the calendar before you plan to visit to see this festivity,if you are in Londonduring August to April the event takes place every second day and therefore be aware of the days when the event happens and for the rest of the months it takes place daily. You are near to the central London area and this means you can shop at the Mall or make your way to Trafalgar square. The art lover surely knows where to head to if you are on Trafalgar Square so be quick to get to the National Gallery.

The third Day

Plan to go the Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge for your third day visit in London, while you are at the Thames take a short walk to see the UNESCO world Heritage site, Westminster Abbey; this is a beautiful, massive gothic church that is a representation of the British History. That’s the burial ground for some of the great names like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, it has also seen the memorial service of Sir Isaac Newton. Then do visit the Tower Bridge after walking along the Thames for some time, don’t forget to go snapping the digital way and to top it all enroute to British Museum, then try to make it up to Harrods.

The Fourth Day

After a visit to the historical monuments on day one, two and three it is time to hit the nature button on your itinerary and start the visit to Kensington Gardens, that garden is full of greenery, quite big  and the walk leads you to Hyde Park, spend a half day touring and enjoying the flora and fauna. Once you have finished this detox walk to the garden make way to the Bayswater area to the souvenir shops. Try to get into one of the restaurants to grab a bite and taste the ethnic tastes of London. That leaves you with the drive down to Stonehenge or a bus ride to the place.

The Final Day

The fifth day you can head straight to some of the museums as per your interests it maybe the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum  or maybe the Victoria & Albert Museum. The royal Botanical gardens can also draw your attention and you might plan a visit there and unwind yourself. Then check out Piccadilly Circus a famous landmark if you have time left or just take a leisurely walk on the streets of London and absorb the exuberance and beauty so that you can take it back home with you.

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