The best ice-cream joints in and around Islington

London is a great city to visit no matter what the season. The city si home to an amazing variety of attractions both modern and medieval that make it one of the most visited cities in the world. Every year millions throng to London to explore its numerous attractions and spend an exciting holiday in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Europe.

If you thought staying in comfort and luxury could cost a bomb there are plenty of budget 5 star hotels in London to choose from. These hotels offer premium facilities at very affordable prices.

One such hotel is The Montcalm at the Brewery London City hotel that is popular with visitors to central London. Its room prices and location with top notch customer service make it one of the best places to stay in the area.

While London has earned a name as being the ultimate culinary destination, it also offers the finest frozen treats including ice-creams, sorbet and gelato to make your day. Some of the top joints to enjoy the finest ice-creams in London include the following:

Yorica: If you are a vegan and allergen conscious then Yorica is the place to enjoy the finest pure vegan desserts in town. Unlike other ice-cream parlours there are no allergy causing ingredients like nuts, gluten or dairy, with its ice-creams extremely pleasing to the palate. Whether you are vegan or not a trip to Yorica is definitely recommended!

Udderlicious: The owners the Raj’s are very passionate about their business, which reflects in the delicious ice-creams they churn out. All of the frozen treats are homemade and their retro-coloured parlour is where you can get an assortment of tasty treats made from organic milk. If you like your ice-cream to consist of unusual flavours then try apply crumb and whiskey or strawberry and basil among other fabulous concoctions. If you fancy you own cooking skills as an ice-cream creator join their competition for ‘flavour of the month’ and if your recipe is a winner enjoy free dollops of ice-cream free for a month!

Ruby Violet: The ice-cream served at Ruby Violets outlets is probably out of the best in London. Visit their posh parlours wither at King’s Cross or Tufnell Park to savour their lip-smacking frozen delights made from the finest ingredients (ethically sourced), free range eggs and organic milk.

Amorino: Another top notch dessert producer in the city is Amorino that has 11 ice-cream boutiques spread across the capital. Amorino was established by two friends in 2002 and offers the finest Italian gelato in the city.  All of the ingredients used are natural and organic that enhances the flavour. For an authentic Italian gelato experience head to Amorino, which though pricey is well worth every penny spent. Just some of the scrumptious flavours to feast on include Amarena Cherry, basil and lime sorbet and il Pistachio sublime that is truly heavenly!

Gelupo: Enjoy the sinfully delicious gelato treats at Gelupo. The best in artisan gelatos crafted to perfection with customised churning equipment ensure that you only get to savour the most perfect gelatos. If you want to indulge in sheer decadence try their chocolate sorbet that is simply ethereal.

Frae: The trend of frozen yoghurt came across the pond with our American cousins and has slowly carved a devoted following over the years. While there are numerous frozen yoghurt brands and shops to be found across London, one that stands head and shoulders above the rest is Frae. They use only genuine yoghurt with a very low fat content and freshly made at a farm in the Wales area. Some of the flavours to feast on are blueberries, granola and honeybee natural etc.

Le Gelatiera: If you are looking for genuine Italian gelato they do not come any better than Le Gelateria that has chalked up numerous accolades to its name. The name is derived from the gelato churn that is used in the process of gelato making in Italy. You can expect only the finest Italian handmade treats and if you are curious to learn about the process visit their gelato laboratory where you can gain insight into their time honoured techniques.

Samba Swirl: The owners of Samba Swirl drew inspiration from the Frozen Yoghurts outlets in the US and later decided to open a self-service yoghurt joint in London in 2011. They were the first of their kind in the UK with their venture. Located across Islington Green they offer six flavours every day with amiable and helpful staff. While the yoghurt is charged as per its weight, there is a capping on the price, which offers customers an opportunity to go overboard with an eclectic variety of sauces and toppings.

Chin Chin Labs: This cool ice-cream joint is located in Camden and serves some of the most unique and quirky varieties of frozen treats in town. The desserts are simply delicious with wide variety of flavours that are changed every week. Choose your flavour and get it frozen with an iota of liquid nitrogen that seals in the yummy flavours.

Paul A Young: While all the rest mentioned are frozen treat shops Paul A Young cannot be called an ice-cream joint in the conventional sense. But then could there be a better option to choose from than a much feted chocolatier! Sold at two locations in London with one at the Royal Exchange and the other at Islington Paul A Young’s ice-creams are incredibly tasty creations that will tempt you to indulge yourself to the hilt. Whether it is their chocolate sorbet churned to perfection and frozen or the tangy sea-salted caramel treat, it will definitely titillate the taste-buds.

The Parlour: When you eat ice-cream at Fortnum & Mason’s trendy outlet, The Parlour you can expect nothing but the best. With the finest range of new ice-creams, hot chocolate, special artisanal coffee and an eclectic variety of treats to choose from, a trip to The Parlour is not one to miss!

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