The Best London Sites

London has some of the best sites which provide the ideal combinations of travel leisures and tour luxuries.

London is a land of beautiful sights and amazing attractions. Come here to the beautiful city and take back a wonderful blend of delightful stays and the best kinds of hotel luxuries. Let us see what the interesting sights we could see here are.

Geffrey Museum

Come to this beautiful land filled with the best travel delights and take back a great combination of tour experiences. Go back in time and see the manner in which the English have lived it up here right from the 1600s to present day times. The museum is a hub with around eleven living rooms which have the best details of past era. There is for example a chess set belonging to the 1830s. There is also a 1910 fireplace along with magazines belonging to the 1998.

Pleasures in Hyde Park

There is a great delight in being in the beautiful Hyde Park region. No other city in the world has so many wonderful parks as in the city of London. Embark on a green tour right here in Hyde Park. Take a boat and rent it in the Serpentine Lake and see the beauty and pleasures of the Serpentine Art Gallery. Go into the Kensington Gardens and enjoy the pleasures of the Green Park which is right across the street.

The Beauty of Hyde Park

Every year there are many Londoners and tourists who visit Hyde Park which comes under the eight royal parks in the city. Spanning over 350 acres this is the place where there are many landmarks which include the attractions like Speaker’s Corner, Serpentine Lake and the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. The park has the best of recreational activities which include boating, water swimming, horse riding and tennis as well as cycling. Hyde Park has many boats as well as pedal boats, which are found operating on the famous Serpentine Lake and this is where UK had its first Solar shuttle. There is a magnificent vessel which is indeed a silent vessel which glides across the lake which is powered by the sun. This shuttle has the capacity to have around 40 passengers, which can hold around six persons each.

Boating Delights on the Serpentine Lake

The boating delights on the Serpentine Lake is found open from the month of April to the month of October. Enjoy the Joy of Life Fountain which shows two figures made of bronze. As the figures hold hands they seem to dance over the water and the sight of the four bronze children coming out of the pool, the overall experience is indeed enjoyable. The fountain designed by T. B. Huxley Jones dating back to the year 1963 and was widened. The Constance Fund donated the fountain and it was given in place of the Boy and the Dolphin Fountain. This used to be stationed here where the Fountain is found.

There is a sunken garden of the Victorian kind which was created in the year 1860. It was earlier a reservoir which supplied water to the royal palaces in those days.

The Marie Curie Cancer Care

In the year 2008, Marie Curie Cancer Care took the responsibility of planting 60,000 daffodil bulbs around the Fountain in memory of the sixtieth anniversary. Then the Holocaust Memorial, is a great structure which is a garden of boulders which has beautiful white stemmed birch trees surrounding it. This is located a little to the east of The Dell. This was in fact the first British memorial for the victims of the major Holocaust. This memorial was built in the year 1983 and the Board of the British Jews paid for it. It was Richard Seifert along with Derek Lovejoy and Partners who designed it. There is a huge boulder here which is inscribed with the Book of Lamentations text. There are many discount hotels Hyde Park offers; so one may just enjoy the pleasures of being here. Among so many choices Grand Royale Hotel London is undoubtedly the best choice one can make for a comfortable journey.

The Hudson Memorial Bird Sanctuary

This is another wonderful place to be in and is a carved stone structure, which has been built to commemorate William Hudson. He was a naturalist and a nineteenth century writer and also helped to establish a society for the Protection of Birds.  IN fact he was responsible for wild areas and parks and thus has brought about a great change in the tours here.

The carving here is very fascinating and represents the child goddess of nature which is very famous in many novels like Green Mansions. This memorial got installed in the year 1924, and was then asked to be taken out of the park. The area is a haven for beautiful birds like blackbird, robin, tits, goldcrest and wren. Made out of pre Cambrain granite it has been mounted on three small stones.

The Norwegian War Memorial

This is a memorial which is found in the Cockpit along the Serpentine Road which is found opposite the West Boat House. Then there is the Queen Caroline Memorial which is again a beautiful stone urn which is mounted on top and is in front of Serpentine. It is mainly meant for Queen Caroline, King George II’s wife who is responsible for creating the beautiful Serpentine in Hyde Park. The lake actually follows the route of the Westbourne Stream which is found flowing underground. In fact it is said that before the Serpentine was created, there were six beautiful ponds in Hyde Park. Take a guide to the Tate Modern and enjoy the sights there too.

Kensington, Gallery

Kensington Gallery is a beautiful art gallery which has the best kinds of modern and contemporary galleries which has the best kind of exhibits and has an excellent stock of art as well as photography books. There is also a Serpentine Sackler Gallery which is again a lovely way of enjoying tours here.
The other pleasures include going around the city and enjoying the simple delights here.

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