The Best Of Luxury in Athens

Athens makes truly indulgent break and destination if you’re looking to get away from it all and truly unwind. Rich in history and culture, this amazing city offers so much, for so little. Flying to Greece has never been cheaper and yet the city still has so much going on and so much to offer visitors and tourist, with so many cultural attractions and sights to see. Greece also offers a host of amazing luxury hotels, with a wide variety of choice and so many options. From the new to the old, style and luxury come in many guises here so be sure to choose wisely.

If you’re looking for five star hotels Athens , be sure to check out one of these unutterably fabulous finds!

Divani Appollon Palace

This stunning stay offers a whole host of diverse holiday and hotel experiences but one thing the hotel has in common is a high level of style and charm. With a world of amazing facilities, this stunning stay allows you to indulge in a leisurely and relaxing break, with many a fabulous facility and service, such as the expansive luxury pool.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with a variety of in-room amenities and extras, and so  depending on the sort of thing you’re looking for, there will no doubt be something for you.

Divani Caravel Hotel

Whether you’re looking for a action-packed stay or something more laidback, this is surely the right stay for you, as the hotel allows you the flexibility of hotel experience. The hotel boasts an amazing pool ideal to splash around in or sit by the side of and listen to some music. This stunning hotel boasts a world of great facilities and services to ensure you have a convenient break.

The hotel offers a wide variety of different room types allowing you to pick and choose what sort of accommodation you and your family need.

Electra Hotel Athens

Found at the heart of one of the more central districts in the city, this fabulous find of a stay offers guests the chance to immerse themselves right at the heart and centre of this amazing city. This is one of the more cosmopolitan stays in the city offering a modern and sleek design, with contemporary décor, offering an ambience that offers something for both the business and the leisure guest.

The hotel’s location allows you to make the most of the city’s many sights and sounds allowing you to enjoy the city.

Metropolitan Hotel Athens

A centrally located stay allowing you easy access to most of the city’s many sights and sounds allowing you to enjoy the city. This amazing hotel offers a world of great facilities and services ensuring you have absolutely you need for your break. If you’re looking for that centrally located hotel stay that is modern, comfortable and stylish to boot this is for you.

The rooms are warm and accommodating with many a contemporary detail and a feeling of modernity and style.

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