The best ways to pass the time around the Euston Station of London

Euston Station is one among the most important stations in the city of London. There are many good ways in which you can kill time around the station. There are many good hotels. Restaurants where you can spend good time.

London is a place where there is lot to discover and learn as well. The city can make the visitors happy in real sense. The public transport system here is very widespread and big. It may be little confusing too as there ae many streets, stations etc. A new person may be lost in this city as this is a vast city. Many of the visitors come to this city through the full of go Euston railway station and people really have to kill the time in the food joints or any other places before their train times. If you are here in the city for some enjoyment and do not want to waste your time then you can also try bus or just choose to walk. This will help you to save your money and time too. Here we have mentioned a few points regarding how you can kill time in the city especially near the Euston’s station.

Green Space in Russell Square Gardens
Just you can exit the Euston station and walk up to the Woburn Place for more than 10minures and you will reach to the Russell Square. This is a green line space of remarkable peace in the heart of the crowded city. Here you can go to a hotel where at the lunch time you will come across some office going people who take out their lunch boxes and enjoy their lunch in sun. There is also a fountain that looks good and the big green spaces make it look beautiful. This is the best place to take a sun bath, the fresh sunrays can make you feel good indeed.

The British Museum
As you go behindhand the Russell Square you will find the British Museum that will help you to learn the culture and history of the city. It has a great collection of art works done by the great artists. This is a free gallery and if you can go there before 30 November, you can see an exhibition of 8 mummies that have come from different corners of the world. This is the best place for the history lovers. One can spend the whole day here.

Covent Garden
As you move ahead a little you will see the Covent Garden. This is a small walk from the Euston train station. Here you can have some peaceful time. If you want to have a stay in London then there are many good hotels nearby to the garden. Many good hotels include the M by Montcalm hotel that offer best comfortable stay to its customers. The hotel has very good rates and the hotel also has some discounts and deals that make the stay great. You need to make booking of your room in one of these special offers Shoreditch hotels in order to make it a budget tour. Previously Covent Garden was a vegetable and fruit market but today it is a house to some of the shops and restaurants that have some street performers and many good shows as well. Here you will also see some interesting attractions like the Covent Garden Square, London Transport Museum and Royal Opera House. The buildings here are big, shops are well-equipped and the entertainers are definitely pleasurable!

Leicester Square
If you go a little ahead then you will find yourselves at the west end. There is a land of cinema that is known as Leicester Square. This is a place where many of the UK film premieres are conducted. If you come here then definitely you can get to see a famous celebrity. There is also a wonderful park in the heart which is a house to idols of many famous people like William Hogarth, Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare and many more Here you can pass good time.

The West End
This is one of the best zones in London. This is a land of events. There are many theatres and cinema halls where you can enjoy the shows. Here you can also enjoy some streets shows those are free. Les Miserables is the biggest running musical in West End history and you can attend the same to enjoy. You can come to this area o enjoy the best time of your tour.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
Placed in the West End of London near the Piccadilly Circus there you will find Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Here you can see the unusual artefacts from all over the place, many of them gathered by surveyor Robert Ripley himself. This is a very good place for everyone in the family. Here you can see many models like the tallest person, 8 foot model of Titanic made using the matchsticks. Mirror maze is a very good place to have fun with your friends. Just loose yourselves here.

If you want to make your London tour a great one then you need to stay in good hotel. There are many good hotels like the M by montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel where you can enjoy your stay. The rooms in the hotel are specious and they provide best comforts. You will get all the best amenities in the rooms. It may be your leisure tour or the business tour, these M by montcalm Shoreditch Tech City rooms can really be your comfort zone.

So if you are stuck up in the Euston Station of London then these are many ways you can pass the time. So if you are coming to the London through this station then just be prepared about making proper utilisation of your time. Just come to the right place and spend the time in the most appropriate way.

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