The Bohemian Queens Park kin North West London

Queens Park is one of the most notable London areas with lots of attractions. This is the diminutive neighbourhood and it is made to snuggle between the Kensal green in the North West part of London and there is even the Kilburn area. The place will offer you with characters and amenities that will appeal to the professionals and the families likewise. You have the variety of the quirky elements and these can be best combined to make Queen’s Park one of the most enjoyable and attractive London spots with lots of specialties. This is really one of the most surprising neighbourhoods of London and you have the load of surprises waiting for you in packages.

Queen’s Park was formerly a farm land and it was being awarded by the Crown to the London City in the year 1887. This is the 30 acres Green Park and it has its opening in the North West part of London. The park has been opened for celebrating the Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. Due to the influx of the public going towards the suburbia and also due to the success of the Royal Agricultural Show the Park has gained immense popularity in the recent years. There has also been the construction of the London and the North Western Railway line and this has further made strong the esteem and the status of the place.

After the happening of the Second World War the Queens Park went through the sort of renovation and there was the wave of the infusing cultures that really bonded the strength and integrity of the area. There was a mesh in the 1980s and the 1990s and there was the gentrification of the locality by the professionals of the city and the media. There has been a diversity of the part of the Queens Park DNA and now there has been a creation of the unique and the eclectic locality and this is the place loved by all people.

The Queens Park is the largest and the massive prized asset and here one can boast of the annual events and there are more of agricultural delights and other provisions. The area has been designated as the Green Flag Park and the popularity of the place rests on the quality of the service and the surrounding environment. Among the facilities of the Park you have the 6 perfect climactic tennis courts and there is even the pitch and the putt course.

When staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel the Queens Park is just within walking distance. At the park you have the petanque pitch and there is even the ornamental garden with the best of natural decoration. You can even walk through the animal farm for children and the kids would also love to be at the playground with the surrounding paddling pool area. At the park you can even sit at the cafe and spend time in tranquillity. There is even the grass area with lots of vegetation and the recreational football matches are often held at the place.

You have lots of eminent properties bordering the park area. There is the Chevening Road along the Park and this is one of the most sought after lane along the park area. The road is known for the line of the Victorian and the Edwardian terrace houses and they stand in a line along the perpendicular streets surrounding the park area. The houses are well protected with the unique status and this is the well defined London conservation zone. This refers to the fact that the planning of the Park is strict and the laws are extremely stringent.

The design of the Park is such that it helps in retaining the charm and uniqueness of the place. This has helped in the survival of the historic essence of the Queens Park. People and spectators can feel the traditional quality of the zone so special and spectacular. The London Conservation Area rules well define the sort of Edwardian and Victorian architecture and these are well preserved and rightly protected as part of the park area. At the neighbourhood you find the maze of the classical homes and these are identified as highly coveted properties.

The houses here are the sort of converted flats. The place holds the sort of art deco and one can even witness the postmodernist touches which are there much in the area. On the other hand, you have the divergent designing styles and this makes special the Edwardian and the Victorian Homes. One can even find the existence of the postmodernist buildings. In fact, there have been three properties in the area of the Queens Park and these have won the perfect Housing Design Award in the year 2005. This is the sort of testament to the creative richness of the place and the remarkable architecture of the Queen’s Park.

You have some of the best restaurants in the area. There is the special boutique store where you can spend time going through the artefacts. One can even visit the ethnic shops that have helped in defining the basic community. You can move through the chain of stores and here you find the best assortment of items being displayed and sold. One of the notable is The Alice House. This is the delightful ground to help you enjoy the appetising Sunday lunch. And the Carvery of the place was voted to be Metro’s the finest Sunday dinner.

You have the best Accommodation near Hyde Park London. From here one can easily access the Queen’s Park destination. You also have the important schools and the cinema halls near the park area. Most of the architecture come with exposed brick walls and the rustic hardwood flooring add a different charm to the place. In fact, the Alice House near the park area epitomises the vintage and the chic ambiance. Salisbury Road is the heart of the Queen’s Park and this is where you fin d the location of the Tube Station. However, you have more important things in vicinity and these in cluster make the park an important destination.

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