The Ecstatic Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

The Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is a unique place to relax in the confines of lovely surroundings.

When one is in Croatia, the sheer surrounding takes ones breath away. Come here and enjoy the simple ambience which fascinates a visitor greatly. With best comforts and ideal travel luxuries, this is a hotel with a great choice of living styles. Offering beautiful views of the entire city, the amenities and facilities here only make things even more comfortable for the visitor. The exquisite rooms along with the spacious arrangements are what add on to the overall experience. Come  here and enjoy other luxuries like a satellite television and anti allergy pillows. Then there are conveniences like a complimentary internet access and also rooms with an en suite marble bathroom. There are drench showers with large fluffy towels which make things even more classy in stays here. The slippers and soft robes that are provided only make the stays here very memorable and special.

Restaurant Delights

The restaurant delights here offer fresh dishes from Mediterranean cuisine and the hotel is actually famous for the best kinds of light snacks and cocktails. Guest come here searching for a special culinary delight  and the authentic nature of the cooking here is what provides one with a unique facility. With best traditional dishes and amazing Latin American food the fact that there is a way to enjoy the culinary pleasures in this part of the world is what makes things very enjoyable here. As the hotel is very near the major landmarks , visitors get the pleasure of not being hassled to travel far to visit places.

Facilites at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

The hotel comes with its facilities and amazing conveniences. The lounge and the restaurant pleasures here only add to the overall conveniences. The bar and the non smoking area add to the available arrangements and one only can have the best luxuries in such beautiful hotels. The gym and the business centre add to the experience and as one strolls around the place, the gift shops and the 24 hour front desk provide one with a reason to come back here for more. Then there are other conveniences like the concierge facilities, the luggage storage room and the doctor on call all of which make the room service seem so luxurious while on stays here. Then of course there are regular services like the car rental desk and the free Wi fi in the lobby and the luxurious conveniences like a sauna and steam arrangement.

Places to see near Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

While here people come and enjoy the hills and greenery around. The Griffin’s Resort is an old archaeological site with the best views of Todi , Perugia and Viterbo. The fact that the hotel is near the museums and cathedrals makes it easier for the visitors. There are other monumental piazzas which offer the chance of feeling luxurious in great surroundings. Thus the hotel is indeed a must do in visits to Croatia.

Strategic Location

The hotel is located strategically and is ideal for all who come here specially to enjoy.  Come here and take back a valuable travel memory which is really special and memorable. The pleasures of the surroundings and the valuable travel experiences in fact makes one come back for more.

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