The Exciting Things Waiting For You At The Metropolitan By Como London Hotel

You would surely like the stylish splendour of the Metropolitan By Como London Hotel. This is not just a property. It stands like a dream project making you feel all so special and taken care of. The hotel is so close to the Park Lane and this perfectly overlooks the Hyde Park. The hotel is just three blocks from all the major destinations of shopping and dining of the Bond Street and you can even be at the Buckingham Palace where the charm of historicity is sure to lure your attention. Quite near to the hotel you have the stunning West End Theatres and there are more amazements waiting for you in queue.

Eating and Drinking at Pleasure

The hotel has the special cocktail bar area and you have some of the delightful ales being served at the place. You can even sit to dine at the Michelin-starred Nobu restaurant. The taste of the food here is so authentic and superior. There is the adjacent Met Bar and you have the staffs waiting to prepare for you the sort of stylish bespoke cocktail. In fact, the presentation of modernization in food preparation and serving is sure to make you feel all so special and well attended. You have the best of allurements in offer at the Metropolitan By Como London Hotel. In fact, nothing goes unnoticed here and all your necessities are attended in style.

The Specialties Waiting at the Rooms

The hotel has the well stylised 10 guest rooms. The compartments appear so well provided and you have all things essential under the roof. The rooms are coloured with the sort of cream and coffee tone and you even have the perfect wood panelling along with the provided pseudo upholstery. There is even the CD jukebox for your perfect entertainment. You can even choose from the movie libraries and this way you can at best select the subject for entertainment. Within the room you have the specified mini bar area and this is the right place to enjoy a quiet glass of ale without disturbing the others.

The Rooms Decked with All Things So Special

Let us check with the eminent room services and list of provisions in offer.

  • All the rooms are perfectly air conditioned for your advantage.
  • The rooms are best sufficed with the blackout drapes and curtains.
  • There is the climate control mechanism for you to use.
  • You are served with free newspapers within the room,.
  • One is best attended with the provision of daily housekeeping.
  • There is a special working desk at your advantage.
  • There are more amenities like bathrobes and free toiletries in offer.
  • At the rooms you are served with free bottles of water.
  • You can sit and enjoy the cable television service and you even have the DVD Player for the best of viewing.

The Stunning Arrangements under the Roof

The hotel is turned so perfect with all things so great and glamorous.

  • Inside the hotel you have the best provision for baby sitting or child care.
  • There is the perfect business centre for the corporate travellers.
  • You can even sit at the conference space to attend the meeting.
  • There are more of concierge and dining services for you.
  • You can avail for the laundry and the dry cleaning service.
  • You have the lift or the elevator to move to all parts of the hotel at ease.
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