The financial centre Melbourne

Melbourne, the Capital of Victoria is one of the finest places to visit during the holidays. It is a great place to plan a few days out along with family. Melbourne is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. It is also the most populous city in Victoria, the second in Australia in terms of population. It is also well connected to the other two major cities in the region – Sydney and Canberra. Canberra happens to be the national capital and Sydney the capital of New South Wales. Both the cities are highly popular among the tourists. Besides being popular tourist destinations, these cities also have one more thing in common. All the cities are highly important business centres in the region. Being connected by a highway running between the two cites, both Melbourne and Sydney have become even more important. Canberra is also connected with the two by means of a link to the highway. These factors have made all three most important financial centres in the country. Melbourne houses the offices of many major organizations. Thus among the tourists there is a large portion who happens to be on business visiting the city.

Attractions in Melbourne

Melbourne offers a great variety of recreation and places of interest to the general tourists as well. There are a wide array of natural parks, sanctuaries and zoos, which attract thousands of tourists from across the globe every year. These are some of the best places to see the most exquisite wildlife of Australia, which is so famous in the world, in their natural habitat. The endangered and rare species, such as the Koalas can also be seen while on a trip through these places.

Melbourne also provides ample water entertainment options. The beaches in the city are perfect for a range of water activities. People engage in various entertainment activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, and lots more. The Australian beaches are quite popular for the great weather as well. The warm sun along with the cool sea breeze on the perfect sandy beaches makes it one of the best places to hang out on a holiday.

Melbourne cuisine

The cuisines of Melbourne are certainly one of the finest. There are a number of restaurants where one can try the exquisite gourmets and other delights. The bars in the city house the finest wines of the world. Australia is itself one of the highest manufacturers of the finest quality wine, and one can safely try the local wines, which are no less is terms of taste and flavour.

Accommodation in Melbourne

When it comes to the accommodation within Melbourne, the city certainly has something for every pocket. Starting from the most luxurious hotels and apartments, there are the budget accommodation options as well. The Art Series – Cullen is one of the finest hotels available in the area. It is the epitome of luxury and elegance. As the name goes, Art Series – Cullen is truly a masterpiece. The entire hotel is most tastefully decorated and provides the finest accommodation located in the heat of the city. There is a range of different types of rooms, the Studio Suite King being the finest in the lot. The Art Series – Cullen is also close to various special attractions in and around the city, being well connected to the various parts via the excellent transport system.

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