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London is indeed a great place to be in while on tours to this part of the world where the London Marathon is indeed a lovely experience.

The London Marathon is one of the most interesting spectacles that are in this part of the city in the world. There are many magnificent places to visit and interesting areas to scour which fills the entire land with a certain kind of festivity which is typical to this part of the world. Enjoy the London Marathon and take back the best combinations of costumes, stories and incredible celebrities. There are participants who come here and dress up in various costumes and enjoy the pleasures of the marathon. From nurses to superheroes to tiger suits things are always the best and the most exquisite in this part of the world. There are so many places like the hotel Montcalm London which provide the ease and convenience to travelers that come here.

Cheer and Grace

People come here to cheer the best athletes and go ahead to support all who they love. This is surely one of the most fascinating carnivals here and one only can be a part of a wonderful spectacle which is really a great way of unwinding in tours here. People usually meet at the Blackheath or the Maze Hill stations and then go up to the place where everyone congregates to have a great experience. Take a longer walk to Lewisham which is a little away from the main route and is on the DLR. There are many places of view right here. Thousands of people come here and gather to watch the entire spectacle which really is a wonderful way of enjoying the London visits.

Pleasures at the Woolwich Arsenal

It is on the DLR and is just a short walk to the three mile point. It usually is reached just after the converging point for those who have different starting points. This is an industrial area and this is where the Thames is still in the working category. As runners meet here and then go on the downhill stretches it provides people with something really fascinating to see. Stay in one of the luxury hotels near Kensington garden and enjoy the marathon sights. Truly it is a lovely way to enjoy the tours here in this part of the world. Participants are fresh and also aid in providing entertainment to all. Runners usually pass between nine in the morning to half past ten.

Delights atthe Surrey Quays/ Canada Water

This is a busy area and is surely manageable. Runners enjoy the overall experience and then bring back something that lasts forever. Surrey Quays is just a little further away from the eight mile stage and Canada Water is slightly off the mark. It is a short walk from the eleven mile marker which is one direction and there are around nine miles in the other direction. Runners usually pass from half past nine in the morning to eleven.

The Magnificence ofthe Tower Bridge

This is the best place to watch the race and it is a major landmark for all who come to see the marathon. People in fact come here much in advance and take back a unique experience that is typical for this place. The atmosphere is electric and people love to come here and enjoy even if the wait is very long. The race is just before the 13 mile mark and begins from half past nine to around quarter to twelve.

The Mudchute Isle of Dogs

The Isle of Dogs is a wonderful place to be in and is one of the quieter and the better places which provide an ideal viewing point. Runners pass from five to ten in the morning to twelve in the noon.

Westferry Experiences

This is a great place to be in and is usually recommended for two main reasons. One can see the runners twice in the course. It is a great place for a long view. The northern side especially is a lovely place where people come and enjoy a small corner in the best way possible.

The Best oftheEmbankment

This is a route that is indeed congested and as one approach to finish it there is another recommendation to watch the race which is just a little away from the mall. People walk down to Embankment and try to find a spot here.

Meeting runners finally

The runners usually go through this entire process and enjoy the pleasures of St. James or Westminster Tube stations. The main meeting point is right here on the Horseguards Parade and this is a simpler version which one should stick to. One has to be aware that the crossing points along Birdcage could take a long time.

One can also take the Charing Cross Station and then walk through Admiralty Arch and then reach Horse Guards Parade. This is said to be quicker.

Where Not To Go

There are some places where one need not go. This includes Cutty Sark, Greenwich and then so many other places. One surely loves to be a part of the overall experiences here. The crowds would surely be manageable and one would find this a little away from Central part of Greenwich. Greenwich is an area which is really crowded and packed and if there is no escort it is better to leave the place early for it is quite eerie by night.

Available Transport

Basically public transport is free for all runners but it is not so for the spectators. Extra services are usually put on and most of the journeys are quite packed like a rush hour.

More on Preparing

It is advisable to take sensible shoes and lot of snacks and water. One may even want to take chairs, as they really comfortable. The weather forecast is always available and one has to take accessories as per the weather around.

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