The London Pet Show Summer 2016

There’s nothing like planning a fun old trip to the city, one that allows you the opportunity to indulge in a little culture and entertainment, one in which you can roundly throw yourself into everything the capital has to offer. As the old adage goes: once you are bored with London you are bored with life. And so, be not bored! Be sure to plan your getaway to the city in advance and make the most of the manifest happenings and goings-on that are always around and about in this extraordinary place. From many artful adventures through to some amazing shopping, you’re sure to find something swell to enjoy. The hotels in this stunning city are equally amazing, with some truly fabulous finds. From high-end boutique stay through to classically comfortable accommodation, there’s something for all.

The 5 star hotels London are of a really high standard, with stays such as The Montcalm At Brewery London City offering a truly staggering level of accommodation. This stunning capital city found at the heart of South East England city offers so many amazing things to do and experience, allowing you the chance to sample what is unquestionably the best things to do in English. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend away or a longer holiday experience, this city will allow you the chance to kick back and enjoy the stunning and thriving surrounds of the city. This amazing capital city is positively filled with amazing things to see and get up to no matter what you’re looking for. So make the most of it and enjoy or get up to whatever it is you’re hoping to do, as you really are centred at a location that offers so very much and more.

The National Pets Show

There are always a host of amazing things happening in London, but most of the events and goings-on tend to veer more towards the cultural, entertainment or shopping related. However, if none of those are your bag, then why not hit the amazing National Pets Show, running the weekend of the 6th and 7th of May. The ideal event for lovers of all things cute and furry (and there are sure to be plenty of those about) this brilliant event promises all kinds of adorable, cuddly, and sometimes not so cuddly, pets. And annual event, with something a little different on offer every year, this amazing show offers so much.

Reptile Area

If you animal interests are less of the cute and furry and more of the scale and somewhat prehistoric, then this is the section of the show that may well offer you something a little more interesting. This brilliant section is dedicated to all thing reptilian (please, hold your jokes about politicians). Offering the chance to get up close and even hold a world of different lizards and snakes, plus advice on looking after your scaly friends.

Dog School

Got a naughty puppy on your hands? Get them schooled. This bit of the show is dedicated to puppy and dog training, from learning the basics (sit, etc) through to the more complicated, tricks and the like, this.

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