The London Rail Experience for the Train Enthusiasts

London is the city for the criss-cross of the tubes and the trains. Here you have the busiest train station of Britain with the name of Clapham Junction. The Londoners are known to celebrate the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of London Underground. As a train enthusiast one has the liberty of exploring the historical background of the London city and can even evaluate the future of the trains within the capital. It is a great entry to the city on the National Rail. The rail route would help you reach to the top London attractions at complete ease. Within the city there are great many places to visit and it would be fun moving on rails from one destination to the other.

In case you are a train enthusiast in London you would surely stop to watch the London Transport Museum. The museum stands close to the London hotels near Paddington. You can visit the current exhibition being held at the place and it is all about Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs. The exhibition wonderfully showcases the perfect graphic posters from the London Underground. At the museum there is the section of the permanent collection and you can sit and watch the art forms in glee.

As a train enthusiast you cannot miss to visit the abandoned stations of London. However, there are some of the dejected train stations and Tube stations in London which one cannot access. You have some of the remnants above the ground and thee are like Aldwych station façade on The Strand and Down Street in Mayfair. However, the place is at times used in the form of the war bunker and this happened under the supervision of Winston Churchill and even the Cabinet at the time of the Second World War. You have several incidents going on at the station area and it would be a pleasure to watch the scene when you are not doing anything in special.

As a train enthusiast one is sure to enjoy the London Underground and the spectacular Tube Tour. The entire tour will not take you more than two hours. In the way you will also come to know about the construction and designing of the Tube. This way you get the chance to visit the Ghost Museum within the zone of the British Museum. At the place you even get to see the authentic tube parts and you can even witness the great architectural specimen.

Living at the Park Grand Paddington rooms you can really fulfil your passion for the London rails. There is the Epping Ongar Steam Train. You can visit this as part of the Tube150 Celebrations. This will help you step back in the time and now you can travel by the steam train and for this you have to reach to the Epping Ongar Railway Station. The service will be there from 28th June to the 1st of July. Here, you are made to occupy a seat in the 1892 Jubilee Coach. The number of the coach is 353. The steam rail will travel on the central line and in the way you would be much entertained as a train enthusiast in London.

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