The London time tour to witness the history of the city

A few hours of London tours with Professor Quantum, delighted about the beautiful sight seeing on a route master bus in 1960. London tour exists either with or without kids, so as to get a new perspective. Professor Quantum makes the kids learn London history not with books, but he had a non-stop chatting, video conversations with words and characters, showing modern and old fashioned video clips of key buildings and events that took in the history of London.

The London tour is an educational tour for the kids to learn about the history of the London. The tour is all about learning unbelievable facts about the capital like the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, Tower Bridge and London Bridge. The tour is a blend of the entertainment and educational that means learning new things in an entertained manner. The tour also consists the live actors, on-board theatrics to make the students learn about new things.

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Professor Quantum discussed some of the interesting facts about The Tower of London.  The Tower was founded in the end of 1066 by William the conqueror and there exists 911 world heritage sites declared by UNESCO among those 911 sites the tower of London is one of them. There are some superstitious beliefs about the tower that there exists at least 6 ravens and if the ravens leave the tower, the tower will fall. Still In this century, the tower has more than 23,500 jewels kept inside and the total value of the jewels is more than 20 billion Euro. But the crown jewel was moved to Martin Tower. There also exists the royal zoo in the Tower of London which remained for more than 600 years. The zoo has the exotic species like polar bear, lions, kangaroos, ostriches and elephants. In 1835, the zoo got closed and all the species were moved to the new London zoo in Regent’s Park. Another interesting fact about the tower that the professor quantum told to the kids is that once the key to the internal lock was stolen and immediately it got replaced. During the first and the Second world war there was huge damage to the tower, which got repaired and again reopened to the public. There is a saying that several ghosts are there in the tower, including Henry VI, Catherine (the fifth wife of King Henry VIII), Dame Sybil, who was the nurse of Prince Edward and even a bear that once lived in the tower.

Professor quantum with kids started their journey from the top of Northumberland Avenue – a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square on a black double-decker ghost bus. The interior of the bus is like the orient express. The seats on the express are deep red coloured leather and the seats facing each other- perfect for the family with red velvet curtains. The side tables were decorated with the brass light and with the perched glasses on the side tables. The express has the facility of ultra modern video screen at the front and the rear. For the upper deck, there’s an excellent view of everything around.

Traffic challenges due to the queen’s trooping of the colour on which they started their journey. Professor quantum had the keen eye on every child as he had the responsibility of every child. The kids were full of enthusiasm after seeing a number of constructions and even the bicycle ride.

Professor quantum explained some sewer stories about the Trafalgar Square but they had a disturbance in between the video calls from the past due to the witty background music. After Trafalgar Square, they met with some famous characters and shared the views of some of the eye witnesses about the report of The Great Fire of London. The kids were filled with joy after watching the videos of the old buildings with their beautiful architectural work on it.

After the Trafalgar Square, they came across the Westminster Abbey, which is one of the most religious buildings in London. This building exists since the 7th century. Westminster Abbey is royal palace and used for various royal weddings, funerals and coronations. The fact that the Professor shared about the history of the Webminster abbey was that the confessor Edward built the church between 1042 and 1052 to provide his burial church. In 1066, Edward died, possessing no biological heir, he was crowned in the Abbey. His coronation started the tradition of being a coronated site. And after then other kings and queens were coronated in the Abbey. The kids were very much interested for more facts about the Westminster Abbey. Then the professor shared one more fact about the Abbey. He started with the reason behind the weddings taking place in the Abbey. The first royal wedding that took place in 1100 when King Henry I married Matilda of Scotland and further weddings took place and the last wedding that took place in 500 years, when Princess Patricia of Connaught married to the Honourable Captain-Alexander Ramsay.

Now the next destination was the roman London and kings and queens. The professor shared some famous stories with the children about the famous statues. Afterwards professor also shared the reason that what is the reason behind that nowadays taxis are black in colour as in earlier days the taxis use to be green in colour. Then on the way they came across the Newgate Prison, the kids were very keen to know about the prison. So Professor told some interesting facts about the Newgate Prison.

The professor had an interesting chat session and also entertained kids as the express was stuck in miserable traffic. Then the kids were around the St Paul’s and came through the city. The kids were very excited when they crossed three bridges – including Tower Bridge and Waterloo. They also passed through Shakespeare’s Globe and the Millennium Wheel. If you wish to visit this amazing city of London, then London Premier Notting Hill can be the perfect place to lodge because of it’s amazing location.

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