The Magic of Street Art in London

London is a strange amalgamation of art, culture and modernism. So, when you are visiting London, you will never miss a chance to explore this juxtaposition when you are walking down the street or visiting the galleries and museums. It is the vibe in the city and its lifestyle that will surely attract your attention. Not only that, it will give you the glimpse that is so essentially British.

During your next trip to London, if you are thinking of visiting some offbeat places that will not only steep you with the color of it you will leave these places with amazing vibrant memories, you need to visit the places famous for street art.

If you are a pro or just a casual visitor or art enthusiast, you must make one day free and visit these places. I am sure you will leave some amazing memories. Not only that, you will also experience the grandeur and the sublime messages of street art.

So, when you are making your list, make spaces for these names.

Leak Street Tunnel
Street art is the expression of Bohemian art and spirit. You will get to see some amazing specimen of street art here at Leak Street Tunnel. When you are just around the Waterloo station just slip in the tunnel. Surely, the unmistakable smell of spray paint will allure you. If you could find any art or painting that you feel like talking a photograph, do it fast. Here works get tagged and painted over really fast.

East London – Old Street to Brick Lane
After coming out of your M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel if you are walking down the Great Eastern Street towards Brick lane, don’t miss Rivington Street, Curtain Road and Redchurch Street. Keep your eyes glued and you will be able to find some beautiful wall art. Most of the street art is located off and around Brick lane, so spending some time will ensure that you will be able to see plenty. Village Underground Walls located at Great Eastern Street is a must visit place if you are around this area. If you are not feeling so sure to find out the best art pieces in the area, sign for the East London Street Art Tour. Surely you are not going to regret it.

South Bank Skate Street
The Skate Street area has been quite a famous area for graffiti and later on South Bank Skate Street started offering walls to the painter to paint. Since then it became a go-to place for any street artists. If you are visiting this area, don’t miss the changing form and pattern and the abundance of material. If you are willing to join the art itself you may find throng of visitor with cameras in their hands loitering in the area.

Hackney Road – Bethnal Green
If you are staying with special offers at Shoreditch Hotel, just follow the road from Shoreditch to the east to Cambridge Heath Road in the west, similarly Brick Lane, you will find the whole area dotted with street art. Art under the Hood has tried to provide the artists a decent place to paint. Don’t ditch your cameras while visiting these places as you will get to capture some amazing art for forever.

Whitecross Street
Whitecross street is not just famous for street art but also for the store and places and food market. In fact it also hosts whitcross street party on a regular basis that attracts various tourists from different part of the world.

If you are looking for an area that is not just growing but also thriving with modern art, come to Brixton. This place has been seeing some amazing street festivals that have been quite encouraging for street art and artists. You can arrange for the tour by contacting the respective tour arranger around Brixton.

Camden area is quite famous for the tourists as one of the most popular market area in London. However, since past few years it has become the art gallery for street artists. Visit before the opening of the market of after closing of the market. Surely you are going to witness some beautiful pieces that are around the lock to.

Inspired by the art and work by the artists that have been restored in the Dulwich museum and gallery these street art gallery has grown. It is the most original street art based project in the whole world. The gallery is increasing in its size as artist all over the world are coming and joining the team of artists in the gallery.

Stockwell Park Estate, Stockwell
The sunken ball court at Stockwell has transformed into something so sp classy and stunning. It is the area that is still growing and has places for 20 graffiti. Weekly, the artists and the street art photographers gathers and change the art. They paint and some shoot. This place is not that popular yet, but till it is experiencing some notable footfall every week.

Parkland Walk near Highgate Station
Once you are done with these popular places for street art and want to experience peace and quiet and art come down to Parkland walk near Highhgate Station. This place is quiet famous for the joggers and walkers. However, it is not experiencing too much crowd. On the other hand you will find some amazing street art here. Most of them are legal, amateurish and casual.

Street art is now a quite notable expression of modern art. From protesting or mere inspiring, street art is becoming a part of culture of many countries. When it comes to London, the best pilgrim of art, it is also touched by the magic of street art.

So, now spend one day in the offbeat track. Pack your bags, bring out your camera, don your sunglasses and set out for these places. If you are not sure to find some of it there are many tour organizers who can take you to these places.

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