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For those who love the theatre London is the perfect city to visit with the West End being the theatre capital of the world (Broadway will probably moot that). In terms of sheer variety London theatre is eclectic to say the least with theatre productions catering to all genres represented here. English theatre has produced some of the finest stage actors ranging from thespian Sir Laurence Olivier to the brilliant Benedict Cumber batch in our contemporary times. And then London theatre was home to the Bard of Avon William Shakespeare, who without a doubt could be termed as the father of British Theatre for his exceptional productions and classic plays.

The best place to get the latest shows is a visit to area synonymous with theatre, The Piccadilly London West End in London. From musicals to classics to contemporary theatre performances there is an amazing variety of shows you will find at The Piccadilly London West End. Visitors can choose from selecting an iconic theatre venue or a new theatre venue to see the latest shows and performances, where some of the finest theatre talents exhibit their skills. London is also home to the Royal Drury Lane Theatre out of the oldest theatres in the world.
Some of the best theatres in London to visit are the following:

The Savoy Theatre:

The Savoy Theatre at the Strand was established in 1881, and has been popular with audiences all over the years since then. One of its most spectacular performances was the musical “Carousel”, which portrayed a captivating story about human relationships. Its current shows feature the hits “Guys and Dolls” and “Gypsy”.

National Theatre:

The National Theatre is located on South Bank and has earned itself the reputation of being out of the most renowned theatres in the city. Within the theatre premises are housed three theatres the Lyttelton, Olivier and the Dorfman (formerly) Cottesloe.

The Victoria Palace Theatre:

Renowned for its stunning musicals, The Victoria Palace Theatre in Victoria is within close proximity of St. James Park and Westminster. Currently ongoing is the popular “Billy Elliot the Musical”. One of the best places to see the finest musicals in the world!

Sadler’s Wells:

One of the best venues for international as well as British theatre performances Sadler’s Wells is also popularly known as the “Dance House”. It is situated in Islington and is known to be the top venue dedicated to international dance. Its two prominent arenas are the Lilian Baylis and Sadler’s Wells.

The Tricycle Theatre:

Being relatively new The Tricycle Theatre was established in 1980 but has fast earned the distinction of being out of the top theatres in London. Some of its well known productions have been “Ain’t Misbehaving”, “Damascus” and “The Great White Hope”.

The Roundhouse Theatre:

The Roundhouse Theatre is out of the most celebrated cultural venues in Great Britain and has a rich heritage. It has been the venue for numerous live performances for over half a century, with some of the greatest names in theatre having performed there.

One of the best ways to enjoy the theatre experience is to opt for the Ultimate London Theatre Package. It is a seven hour fiesta that offers theatre lovers a rare glimpse into the city’s prolific theatre history. Visitors are taken on a stroll through the vibrant and exciting West End and given an immersive “behind the scenes” experience along with visiting the oldest playhouse in the city, followed by dinner and tickets to a fabulous theatre show in the city. What more could one want!!

The trip starts with a leisurely stroll through the very heart of the theatre district, where visitors get an informative insight about the early inception of theatre along with knowledge about the most famous playwrights of all the time the Bard of Avon William Shakespeare, post which visitors are taken to see some of the most famous productions. Visitors also get a rare privilege of being backstage in the city’s oldest operating theatre, to see how it all comes together with different areas contributing to make single successful performance. It also provides visitors with an opportunity to get up and close with the actors backstage. Later in the evening group members are taken to a fabulous French restaurant to unwind and enjoy a splendid meal. The perfect ending to the itinerary is to pop in to a theatre for a show. Some of the top theatrical shows the likes of Mamma Mia, Les Misérables, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory among other popular shows.

The highlights of the tour include:

Covent Garden:

Covent Garden is a well known spot of London renowned for its trendy restaurants and excellent shopping venues. During the tour of the theatre district visitors will learn about Covent Garden’s history and its glorious past of being out of the famous markets in Europe.

The Royal Opera House:

They do not get any better than the iconic Royal Opera House which is the stunning venue of some of the city’s greatest operatic productions. Visitors will be briefed about this magnificent edifice’s captivating history and also gain knowledge about a number of theatrical terms, which originated here and now are part of mainstream theatre.

Backstage Theatre tour:

For those who love the performing arts and theatre a visit backstage is something which they dream of. When visitors opt for the guided tour it becomes a reality with visitors getting to see the essential factors backstage that come together to make a successful production.

Theatre show:

All’s well that ends well and that is exactly what you get when you take the Ultimate London Theatre Package. After having a fabulous meal at a trendy restaurant group member are taken to a top class West End production to wind things up. All in all a fun filled evening!

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