The Magnificence of Victoria Coach Station

The Victoria Coach Station is a wonderful way of experiencing the true flavours of London

The city of London rises up to the best ways of enjoying the tours here as it has the most unique and the most special sights. The Victoria Coach Station for example is one such memorable experience while on tours to the city. Come here and enjoy the extraordinary ambience. It would not look like a station instead looks like a moderate airport. If one does not have any pilots or planes and has only queues and suitcases in tow, then the place sure looks like an airport. In fact for many this is the first unique way of experiencing the flavor of London. As one steps on a coach in France then one does not realize that in the next couple of hours they would be in Victoria Coach station. Isn’t that amazing? People who come here for the first time get a little confused wondering where the gate is, where the trolleys are and where the suitcases are. The people coming out of the coach perhaps are those who are either very regular or sometimes they are people who are not as experienced. In fact the number of languages spoken here is appalling and at times one also has to be careful of the hoodlums who are a part of the everyday life here. Be careful of baggage and take care of belongings well. There are announcements and a lot of melee and confusion everywhere.

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Enjoy London Delights
Well, this is London the city of highs and lows. Where there are regal constructions everywhere one also has this confusion on the Victoria coach station. This is the way the city is and the sooner the visitor gets used to this the better. Interestingly the station has a lot of pigeons flying in and out and this at times irks the passengers. However the bright neon boards say not to feed the pigeons so it is better not to. At times the sights include a group of old women going off to some place like Margate for example. Then there are those University students who come in all sizes and shapes who travel by this coach. Then there are those beggars who interfere in everyone haverushed and concern. They play trumpet tunes on a traffic cone and make things more confusing. There are couples bidding farewell to each other, there is a wife with kids in tow travelling to one place. There is a person fumbling for his ticket at the gateway, there are backpackers who enjoy the entire experience and make way for those in a hurry. The station is busy, the people are busy and the ones with the backpack absolutely carefree and adaptive.

Interesting Sights in the station
One can actually sit and pass time analyzing the people coming and going. The size of the bag determines the size of the adventure. The most daring travelers would travel light and the most adventurous ones would have a huge backpack. The business travelers would have a valise while the other women on a trip would have more luggage to carry.

People on the Go
Victoria Coach Station is all about people on the go. They come they go and make things work for them. The simple ambience and the hustle and bustle is an absolute delight for the first timer and a thing of habit for the others.

More to do in London
While in London the Victoria Coach station would surely hold attention but besides this there are other things to do. Enjoy the evening tours of the Buckingham Palace. It costs a lot of money to be here however it is worth the effort. St. James’s Park is another beautiful place to be in. This is the place where one gets the best of ducks, swans and other such visual beauty. Then of course there are other ways of handling the tours like just sitting back and relaxing and watching the birds splashing and flapping on the bank. Photos are a must here and when people come here for the first time, the experience is indeed wonderful.

The Buckingham Palace tour
The tour around the palace is a must and is a special treat for the visitors. The signal that the Queen is not home is the Union Jack flying on the flagpole. At times she is there even when visitors are around. There is always a big crowd in the palace and one only can see the guards marching up and down all day. It is a special sight and one to take back. Come here and enjoy he Queen’s Gallery Gift shop and experience the pleasures of the posh cloakroom here which is a special memory. The tour begins at the Ambassador’s Entrance and the cloakroom here is indeed a wonderful sight.

The Pleasures of Being in London
One likes to come here and see the Chapel stairs here which take one to a totally different place. People like to take a stroll here and go through the Queen’s Gallery. There are many works of art on display. Usually there are exhibitions here which are a part of the summer tours. The vastness of the place and the expanse totally make way for more and provide the best in terms of enjoyment and leisure. There are many luxury suites London offers and these cater to the best of travel experiences.

The Tour Around
The tour around the palace provides the best delights as they take one through a perfect travel experience. The tour is good when the palace is not filled with people. The expanse of the rooms and the ballrooms here totally take the breath away as they are indeed fascinating. Enjoy the State Dining Room which is a smaller dining room and is not used for State dinners. Then there are other rooms like the Music Room and the White Drawing room.

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