The Original London Sightseeing Bus Tour: Enjoy the beauty of the city

Bus tour is one of the best ways to experience and enjoy the tourist places of a city. London is one of the biggest cities of the world and has a large number of tourist spots. Known for playing a major role in shaping the history of the world, London attracts a wide crowd of tourists from all across the globe. Be it a historical landmark or a piece of art, London is a paradise for travellers. The Original London Sightseeing Bus Tour provides a wonderful view. The roof tops of these buses are open and there are 80 stops across the city. One can easily take these buses from anywhere and also get off wherever he or she wants to.

For the convenience of visitors, three sightseeing routes have been made and these three routes are different. Though they take different routes, all of them cover all the 80 bus stops thereby letting the visitors enjoy all of London’s top sights. However, these bus-tours are not limited and are extremely tourist-friendly. The tickets are either for twenty four hours or for forty eight hours with facility for unlimited trips. So, if a person buys a ticket for twenty four hours, he or she can get off or get down any time he or she wants to within that span of time. This gives freedom to visitors and helps them choose their destinations according to their own will. Thereby, they can enjoy the city as per their wish.  The services of these bus-tours are regular. They usually depart every 15-20 minutes and this gap narrows during summer. So if one misses a bus, one can easily grab the next one without waiting for long.

Taking the bus-tour comes with an added advantage. With every ticket, one is given a free river cruise day pass and guided walking tours of London. So, it is not just about taking only the bus-tour. One may take the river cruise or the walking tour and enjoy all these kinds of tours simply by buying a ticket for the bus tour. The interesting part of this bus tour is that it is perfect for enjoying with family. The Red and Blue bus routes offer special children’s commentary all through the tour.  Apart from the commentary, there are free activity packs for younger kids which keep them engaged during the trip and also help them enjoy the ride without getting bored in the bus. The Yellow route offers live guided commentary in English. But the Red and Blue routes have more facilities. The audio guides they provide are in 9 languages. The significance of this bus tour is that it is the first tour operator to use greener buses.  Because of all these facilities, the Original London Sight Seeing Bus Tour was awarded the Uk in bound Excellence Awards Sightseeing Operator of the year in 2012 and 2013.

In order to avail the bus tour, one can stay at The Piccadilly London West End Hotel . The London Premier is one the hotels from where one can easily get into the bus. It is situated at such a point that it falls on the route of the bus tour and hence it becomes easy for the visitors to afford the tour without wasting much time.

The three main tour routes of the Original London Sightseeing Bus Tour are the Yellow Route, The Red Route and the Blue Route. The Yellow Routes takes around two hours and covers the main attractions of central London. It offers live commentary with a guide who speaks only English. The spots which are covered by this route are the Piccadilly Circus, The Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, Downing Street, the Big Ben, the London Bridge, the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Buckingham Palace.

The Red Route, like the Yellow Route, also covers the primary visiting sites of central London and takes a time of around two hours. It offers audio guide in nine languages which include the languages from different parts of the world. The languages are English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, French, European Portuguese and Mandarin. Here is also Kid’s Club commentary but this commentary is only available in English.

The Blue Route covers the famous museums of London. Unlike the other two routes, its duration is slightly less and it takes around one and half hours. The primary attractions covered by this route are the Piccadilly Circus, the  Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Shaftesbury Avenue, the British Museum, the Russell Square, the Wellington Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, the  Memorial, Kensington High Street, the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain , the Kensington Palace and the  Baden-Powell House. Like the Red Route, here too, audio guide is available in nine languages which include English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German, European Portuguese and Mandarin. It also offers Kid’s Club commentary in English.

If one is interested in taking the Thames River Cruise, he or she can ask a member of the staff of the Original London Sightseeing Bus Tour for the free day pass. There are two places from where one can depart for the free cruise tour. One can either choose Westminister Pier near Big Ben or the Town Pier which is located near the Tower of London. After getting into the pier, one can show the free cruise pass to the staff and then choose any boat he or she likes. The rules of travelling here is same as the bus tour. One can get in and get off as many times one wants to in the same twenty four hour period of the bus ticket.

The Orginal Changing of the Guard Walk departs everyday at 10:30 am from the Original London Visitor Centre and takes the visitors to the palaces like the Buckingham Palace and the St. James’s Palace along with the regiments that guard these palaces. If the day is a non-guard changing day, the tour is not at all hampered. The tour still takes place and photography is allowed there. Changing of Guards depend on the weather. If it rains, , the Changing of the Guards does not happen.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Walk departs everyday at 1 pm from The Original London Visitor Centre. This tour focuses on sights related to music and takes visitors to places like The Beatles on a roof-top , the studio where the famous music band, The Rolling Stone recorded their debut album and the place where the Sex Pistols performed their first gig.
The Original Jack the Ripper Walk departs daily at 3:30 pm from The Original Tour bus stop at the Tower of London. It focuses in revealing the secrets of the serial killer.

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