The places you ought to see in case you visit the London city

Abbey Road

The Abbey road is one of those destinations that is being revered by the Beatles fan, it was here that the legendary band had recorded some of their most famous albums and the journey continues. People who are music lovers know very well about this beautiful studio even today they have some fabulous singers who record their songs in here. It will be a great thing to take a tour of this studio just as you are lead in there you get to see three studios in a row. All these studios have a historical significance more from the perspective of some great artists going ahead and recording the music if you are unaware of the fact then the music for Harry potter had been recorded in these studios especially the Studio number one. Apart from these there is also a mastering mixologist room where you can try to master the music. This is a trip worth taking even though you are not the one music aficionado as others quite an educative way of learning about the whole thing.

Platform 9 ¾

The Harry Potter fans know it well than anyone else it is the same station in the movie from where the pupils will depart for the Hogwart school nothing less than witchcraft the place has a huge harry potter shop for the young fans. This is nowhere but the King’s cross station in the city and supposed to be an extremely important juncture for the wizards before they would depart for the Hogwart school. The shop is lovely and it has hoarded all kinds of Harry potter stuff there are t shirts, nice apparels and knit wears. In case you are planning to buy some souvenirs for your friends this is the best place to buy something for them and the more you go about discovering the more awed you feel at the way these merchandise make inroads in to the houses of the little harry potter fans.

Camden Passage

This is one shopping arcade where you will never be bereft of surprises all you need to do is walk into any alley and discover something new which you have not even though off. The market has a reputation of having contemporary and antique shops throughout the space. While people who are really interested for shopping should visit this place on Wednesdays and Saturdays as this is their main market place but apart from these there are Pierrepont Arcade which is a Sunday market. Although there is a book market too in here which is open during the Thursdays, apart from that my friends from the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel had gone to visit this area and to their surprise they really loved the place some of them bought some antique jewellery items.

Wilton’s Music Hall

The Wilton music is a beautiful place to be for like-minded people and there are many such stories which are being told here in these beautiful confines and they inspire the other lots for whom music is life. Many interesting events take place in here which is for both the adults and young crowd where they can learn and understand the history and culture of this place. Apart from these there is a beautiful bar called the Mahogany bar where you will be served with food and drinks so in case you feel that you need or look forward to a complete entertainment then one must visit the Wilton Music hall one of the best places to enjoy a beautiful evening with like-minded people.

Millennium Bridge

This bridge had featured in the Harry potter movie although its significance is all about crossing the river Thames and the infrastructure is done beautifully well. More people have nick named it as the Wobbly bridge as it is felt a swaying motion while they walked on the bridge.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The St Paul’s cathedral is one of the marvellous churches apart from being a historical significance it has beautiful interiors as soon as you walk in here you are charged a nominal fee for the sightseeing apart from that there are many beautiful stories floating in here and you get an access to the same by following the guides who take charge and show you around.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

This is the largest sculptor made by none other than the collaborative Arcelor and Mittal this is a monument in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park as you go up the tower it feels tiny on this huge tall structure and the beauty of the place is enhanced as you stand on top of the one hundred and fourteen feet tall structure and look at the beautiful city around.

Little Venice

This is one of the most beautiful places with canals and waterways and this is to the north of the Paddington area , as you take the water way from the Regent’s canal till the docklands you will pass through the famous Camden town as well as the zoo there is a possibility that you can take the road and walk along the canal. In case you plan to take the canal route then it is best to join the canal cruises which are quite affordable or the London waterbus which will give you a trip of forty five minutes and there you can probably click pictures. Few of my friends who stay near the restaurants Near Finsbury Square have an amazing experience in this area near the canal as they have such lovely places to sit and eat the joints serve you some real good food although it may not be authentic but these chic styled places are really beautiful.

Although these might not be the only places to go for but at least you can be here while you follow and explore the other sites in and around the city.

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