The pros and cons of using OTAs and Metasearch engines to gain hotel bookings

A hotel company has to consider what will make them successful in the online world, and how they can reach their customers effectively. Having a website and social media presence is sometimes not enough and firms have to get outside help. This comes in the form of OTA or Online Travel Agencies and these third-party websites include famous names such as Expedia and Priceline. OTAs actually market hotels they have contracts with and allow customers to book directly through their website. They are useful for hotel companies to do business with, but of course they take a commission fee for every booking they generate.

Metasearch engines are slightly different to OTAs in that they provide information on travel products and accommodations. They then send customers directly to the booking page of the hotel website. Metasearch engines include huge names such as Kayak, Trivago, Google and TripAdvisor to name a few. OTAs clearly have their advantages including the ability to boost occupancy at residences and more importantly introduce customers to a company. OTAs also provide the option of being able to book a hotel room but also a rental car and even flight tickets all in one transaction. This is particularly appealing to customers who want to get their holiday bookings out of the way and desire to quickly get through this process.

A disadvantage of using OTAs is that residences do not receive all the information about the people who have booked at their accommodation. They crucially do not get email addresses that are very useful to have when trying to interact with customers. Staff members have to instead get the email addresses when the person checks in at the hotel and add it to the database. Metasearch engines are actually wonderful for independent hotels and help in diverting web traffic away from OTAs. Through this hotels get to access guest data and are able to generate a more personal interaction with their potentially loyal customers.

Metasearch channels give accommodations the chance to save some money as they will not be paying OTA commission charges. The Metasearch websites also helpfully allow guests to leave their reviews about the residence online. This gives hotel businesses the chance to reply to their customers whether the comments are positive or negative. Hotel companies need to ensure that they have a first-class website to attract customers. A travel agency online booking engine will clearly be quick to use, so accommodation sites need to also have a wonderful reservation process that is easy to complete without any long forms.

Firms looking for a marketing company to help them with their advertising campaign should pick the wonderful workers at Digital Hoteliers to aid them. This London-based firm is a great help when it comes to working out how to engage customers and keep them loyal. They will assist with the website design and generate a superb bespoke site that includes an easy to use booking engine. The amazing team of consultants will help raise bookings by finding out what makes a business unique and putting this on the website. Brand identity and ethos is very important so companies can be assured this will show through their site. This fabulous digital marketing agency is just what hotel businesses need to become prosperous.

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