The Shard – The London’s Highest Viewing Platform

Penetrating the London horizon is a building extraordinary to the world. Like its name, it took after a shard of glass, but one coming to more than 1,000 feet with 87 stories. The building has a little for everybody, highlighting shops, eateries, workplaces, an inn, and pads.

2008 wound up being a standard year for the Shard, however, when the State of Qatar marked on as a financial specialist and obliteration started on Southwark Towers. At the point when development started in 2009, it introduced its own arrangement of difficulties as developers needed to manage the Thames getting through the defensive dam, below zero temperatures, and powerful winds at higher heights. In the meantime, notable techniques, for example, top-down development were utilized, where the columns that shaped the Shard’s bolster structure was incorporated with the as the center was developed.

5,400 cubic meters of cement were poured. It has 11,000 glass boards. It has 44 lifts, however in the event that you’re groping for a touch of activity, there are 306 flights of stairs. Its floors are layered like a cake, with floors 2-28 included workplaces, 31-33 holding eateries, 34-52 is the Shang-ri-la Hotel, and the last gathering of livable floors from 53-65 speak to multi-million pound pads. At the top, the Spire, are unhindered review displays offering a 360 degree perspective of London.

Its fruition helps check a special horizon that incorporates the Gerkin, the Palace of Westminster, the Cheesegrater, Tower Bridge, 20 Fenchurch Street, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Shard is presently as much as a feature of the city as any of these awesome bits of structural engineering, changing London into a blend of the old and the new, a city that commends its past while looking to what’s to come. Where will London go from here? With a building like the Shard wounding into the mists, does the sky keep on being the utmost? Just time will tell.


The Shard was imagined as a building with different uses: a vertical city where individuals could live, work and unwind. It contains world-class workplaces, recompense wining eateries, the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel, restrictive living arrangements and the UK’s most astounding review display, The View from The Shard, offering 360-degree sees. All around joined and exhaustively overhauled by focal London’s vehicle base, offices and luxuries, The Shard is an ageless indication of the force of creative ability to motivate change.

The Shard

From floors 68-72, and 244m over the city, The View from The Shard offers guests unhindered 360-degree, 40-mile sees over the London horizon and past. Subsequent to opening in February 2013, it respected 1 million visitors in its first year.

The Shard’s restrictive private condo, arranged on floors 53-65, are the most astounding in the UK and offer the best perspective of the capital from the most prestigious address in London.

Shangri-La Hotel

The UK’s first Shangri-La lodging gloats 200 richly named rooms involving floors 34-52, alongside amazing perspectives and the inn’s signature 5-star administration. Its wide exhibit of comforts incorporates a gourmet store, worldwide eatery, notorious bar and premium occasion spaces and administrations. Amusement offices incorporate an exercise center and limitlessness pool including all encompassing perspectives of the London horizon.

Hutong Restaurant at The Shard

The Shard is home to some of London’s finest eateries: Aqua Shard, which serves inventive contemporary British food in its eatery, private lounge areas and astounding three-story high chamber bar on the 31st story; Oblix, which brings refined, urban, easygoing eating, alongside a dynamic mixed drink bar, to the 32nd story; Hutong, which treats visitors to the entrancing and assorted cooking styles of Northern China on level 33; and the Shangri-La Hotel’s eateries LANG, offering artisan rarities and TING, serving current European food with an Asian turn. The lodging’s GONG mixed drink and vintage champagne bar, in the interim, is the ideal spot for nightfall mixed drinks and late-night drinks against the background of the London horizon.

A Concentration Winter Garden at The Shard

Studies demonstrate that motivating working environments produce more satisfied and more gainful workforces. The workplaces at The Shard not just give the most fantastic perspectives over the capital, additionally give space, light and air, with actually ventilated winter plants on every floor. The London Bridge Quarter improvement is making a blended utilization vertical town, and an interesting group in which to work, which will improve occupiers’ imagination, proficiency and profitability.

Some intriguing Shard facts

  • It is 95 stories tall, with level 72 the most elevated livable floor.
  • The building is served by 44 lifts, some of which are twofold decker.
  • The length of wiring in the building, 320km or 200 miles, would extend from London to Paris.
  • At the busiest point amid its development, 1,450 specialists from 60 nations were serving to manufacture The Shard.
  • Lifts in The Shard go at paces of up to 6 meters a second.
  • A fox was found on the 72nd story towards the end of development. The fox, which was nicknamed Romeo by staff, is accepted to have made due on sustenance left by development laborer.

Tips for hotel booking in London

Brewery territory is only a 10-15 minutes walk around The Shard building and you will likewise discover a percentage of the best inns in the regions to compliment your remain. We booked our stay at The Montcalm at The Brewery London City Hotel and were delighted by their services. Hotel is genuinely one of the best we have stayed in and enormous piece of this is down to the staff. 10 minutes from Moorgate or Barbican Tube and 25 minutes stroll from Liverpool Street. The room was beautiful with all the touches you’d anticipate from this standard lodging including exquisite free toiletries, complimentary water and natural product, the most recent magazines and so forth. The room was tranquil, exceptionally agreeable, of adequate size, completed to a high spec – we especially appreciated the warmed floor in the washroom and warm towels. The club room qualifies you for utilize the club parlor gratis. We appreciated a few complimentary early night drinks and sandwiches before taking off and in the event that you’d incline toward a calmer breakfast – the mainland offering here is extremely pleasant with morning TV and free papers.

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