The top 10 reasons to visit London

London is a city that is worth visiting many times. Many people have different reasons for coming here. The reasons may be business, leisure or anything else; result is going to be the same.

 As London is one of the most animated cities in the world there is always a reason or occasion to visit this evergreen city. No matter what is your age or interest, the city has something to give to everyone who comes or willing to come here and this is the reason this city is known as one of the most happening cities in the world. If you have less time in hand then it is difficult to decide which places to cover and which ones to leave. Here we have mentioned ten main reasons to visit the city.

 Visit the theatre

If you like to see the movies and live shows too then you can visit the theatres. There are many theatres where you can see live shows and movies as well. You can also go to see the west end show that is free of charge. Here you can also see various live dance and music shows. The city is the best one for entertainment.


The city welcomes all the shopping lovers. This city has many markets, shops and shopping streets where one can spoil them. Oxford Street is one of the best shopping streets in London. The street is open for public till late night and it has everything from shoes to accessories and food items to wall hangings.  You can also enjoy bargaining here. You can also go to the Portobello Road in Notting Hill and enjoy the palate of traditional or local London.

Thames River

The Thames River is one of the most important factors of London and there are some river tours that you can take. You can also take a river cruise tour and that can really be a great experience. There are also a few canals in London like the little Venice and Regent’s Canal. There are also some free river rides that you can enjoy here.

 Discover new and historical attractions

London has many good attractions that can make your tour a great one. Each of the attraction has something to offer from the London eye to many museums. You can also take a walking tour at this place. In the walking tour you will get guidance from very skilled and experienced Blue Badge Tourist Guides.

 Tour group Westminster Abbey

You can take a group tour to the Westminster Abbey, one of the most historic attractions of the city. If you want to spend more time at this place then you can stay at any good luxury hotels in London This will help you to save your time and money for the travelling.

  Attend main sporting event

The city also has many sporting events to offer. There are also many sports attractions that one can find interesting. There are many top premier league sides those are seen in London and the capital is also house to a few existing sports location in city like the Twickenham (rugby), Lords (cricket), Wimbledon (lawn tennis).many sports lover come here for the reason of watching matches,

  Enjoy spectacular skyline

The skyline of London is the most attractive site that has many beautiful buildings like the well-known St Paul’s Cathedral. There are also many new buildings came up in the due course of time like the Shard. This has made the skyline more attractive. The shard with the London eye offers the most stunning views of the town but there are also some places with the Thames where you can go and sit and just have a glaze of the glory of the city. If you do not have time to see the London eye then youcan see the shard and get the same experience in the city.

Accommodation choice

With increasing number of tourists every year the city also have many options for accommodation. There are many good hotels in the city where one can have a comfortable stay. You can select a place as per your budget and needs as well. There are many good cheap hotels in London where you can have an economical and comfortable stay. You can book our accommodationonline. The hotel is best for all types of customers may be leisure travellers as well as the business travellers. The business travellers can get the best business facilities at this place.

 Go green

The city is full of parks and the natural beauty. There are many parks like the Hyde Park where you can enjoy with family. St James and Hyde Park are the most important parks in London. The parks are the best if you want to have some peaceful time, see the beauty of nature and enjoy your time. This is the best way in which you can spend some quality time with the nature.

 Suitable for all budgets

London welcomes all budget types. Whatever may be your budget, there is something for you. If you have a lower budget then you can see only the free attractions and the free shows. The free attractions include the Science Museum, the National History Museum and national gallery. There are also some free exhibitions that you can attend for free and entertain yourselves.

Ever changing place

London is known as a happening city and it keeps on changing every day. Many things are changed here. Even if you have visited the city before, every time you will see something different in the city. All things change and you will enjoy to see the same thing in a different way next time.

 With increasing number of visitors every year, many attractions, accommodation options and the best hospitality there is always a good excuse to come to London. Here are the reasons why many people come here. So what reason do you have for this time?

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