The tour to Osterley Park and House

Victorian and Gothic architecture and style of art looks amazing, but that is not how everybody perceives it, it might not be the crowd puller types and it takes ages for people to accept it or maybe plan a day out to visit it. In case you are something near to this then you can make an exception and try to plan a day out at the Osterley Park and house, though the place might be less talked about and buried under the hustle and bustle of the city still it  deserves a fair chance. The idea might not sound fascinating in the first place, and with the millennial age catching up who wants to slow down, but at times it is a beautiful experience under cover unless you try and explore it.

On my way out of Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel reached Osterley station and as I left the tube station even unsure of whether the idea of spending a day at Osterley is a good one or not. Still, as I reached the Park and entered the lawns it felt awesome as the world had transformed and the Gothic era caught up with me. There was no trace of any period, it was still and calm and  the occasional sound of airplanes flying low can bring you back to reality else it is serene , peaceful and mesmerising a picturesque locale in the city of London.

As you walk through the lawns your eyes follow greenery and hills and pastures and meadow lands and all you could have asked for to deport to the 18th century times and then the way turns and leads you to reach the country estate built in the 18th century by the Child family. The house is as old as the 15th century and redone by Sir Adams in the late 17th Century this property belongs to the Child family who happens to be the owner of Child &co, bank the oldest institution in London. The sole purpose of this house was to entertain the guests and live up to the English culture of memorable hospitality.

The house is marvellous it makes you feel like welcoming back to your home, the rooms are full of furniture, there are beds with bedposts and beautiful tables made of oak wood, carpets neatly placed with fireplaces done fine and woods available. This place has seen many movie scenes shot here it is the body double to the greatest and finest landmark, the Buckingham Palace.

Every single room in the house is exquisitely done; the walls and the floors are beautiful done, as you walk on the wooden floor you can feel how much more has been put in making it look like what it is today. The state rooms are incredibly beautiful, the couch and settee is outrageously Victorian and the way it has been placed in the room around the fireplace is what you could have asked for in a movie scene, the moment you make yourself comfortable in the room the room overpowers you; and you might get Goosebumps for obvious reasons, it is nothing short of an experience. The bedrooms and the massive library are a state of art thing; the books in the library speak of variety and flavour of the Child family. If you step into the kitchen you might be perplexed to see several separate rooms. Then this is how delicacies and desserts had been saved and served to the guests visiting the family, it is quite evident to see so much care being taken to maintain the hospitality.

If you see the artefacts put to display the Chinese lamps and lanterns and Syrian carpets you can see there is an amalgamation from different parts of the world.The ivory scribedhandmadeartefacts and the carvings on the ceilings are beautiful, the staircases are a piece of art and the artistic flavour comes out in the fore and you are sure to get deeply engrossed in admiring the house.

The tour does not end when you are led to the Osterley House last room you are being led in the open to smell the gardens, the lady of the house,Mrs Child was a lady of exquisite taste and she sure knew what she wanted, there is a Flower Garden, a Winter Garden and a Cut Flower Garden all definitely for different purpose but when you step in the garden you imagination runs wild thinking of what all flowers in the 18th century might have been grown here.

When you are done with the gardens feel free to meander your way through the lawns and the trees and sidestep to look at the most impressive historic houses, you can sit in the tea rooms and bite in the piece of cake along with the freshly brewed tea, tingling for nasal passage, the way the scenic beauty devours you and the way the smell of freshly baked cakes takes you in you cannot help but remember a page from your favourite classic novel describing this very English snack time in a tea room, an experience to live for.

Is this your destination for your wedding with your dream person or do you want to take your vows once again in this lovely surroundings and make it a memorabilia, feel free to get the booking done, the hotel Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel has an excellent arrangement, for those of our friends interested in getting a day for themselves at the property were lucky to get their wishes come true.

The visit to this place has put me in a dilemma whether to once again ignore the beautiful historic landmarks and regret it or put a halt to all the discussions and be with the flow and immerse in the beauty of the hallmark landmarks of London. This visit has been an eye opener and also brought me closer to understand the city and its cultural heritage.

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