Things to avoid doing in London

Like all major cities in the world, London is a city where its citizens follow rules which have become part and parcel of the psyche of the locals. For first time visitors to the city, it can take some time to adjust to the protocol of London.

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Some of the things to be mindful of when visiting London include:

Avoid travel at peak hours:

If you want to beat the throngs of commuters at peak travel hours avoid travelling as far as possible at 07:30 – 09:30 am and 05:00 – 07:00 pm. This is more so if you have plenty of luggage. The tube stations are chock full of people waiting to board the Tube with tired commuters heading to and returning from their workplaces. If you do need to travel at those hours you will get a unique opportunity to see the locals avoiding eye contact in the Tube despite being packed like peas in a pod.

Stick to the right:

Another unspoken rule in the city is to never stand on the left side of an escalator when using the Underground. The right side is meant to be for standing with the left side left free for commuters to move. Neglecting this will single you out as a tourist and also earn a few unpleasant glares or even get you ticked off about moving to the right side.

Do not buy a one-way ticket:

If you want to save money travelling on public transport in the city, do not get a one-way ticket because it will be fairly expensive. Also, do not buy a travelcard and instead opt for an Oyster Visitors Card. They are smart cards that you can use to travel on the Tube, DLR and buses and work out much cheaper than tickets or travel cards. Since they have a daily price cap they can help to save as much as 50% on travel costs, especially if you have to travel a fair bit around the city.

Never use the Tube in areas like central London:

While the Tube network is the most efficient and convenient way to get around London, there are times when it will be quicker to walk from one destination to another. This is particularly in central London where the Tube Stops are close to each other e.g. Getting to Covent Garden from Leicester square is about a four-minute stroll, which is almost half the time it will take to arrive by Tube.

Get chatting with strangers:

The British are reserved by nature as a norm, unlike their cousins across the pond that are more outgoing and friendly. So when travelling on public transport, avoid striking up conversations with commuters that are minding their own business. Of course, it is a different thing when you visit a pub for a beer where the people may be a bit friendlier and open to chitchat.

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