Things to avoid on a trip to London

If you are planning a trip to London and have already planned your itinerary with things to do and places to visit, that is great! There are loads of things literally to do and see ranging from visiting its marvellous free museums to historic attractions. There is indeed a myriad of things to do on a trip to London! And there are also things to studiously avoid when on a trip the wonderful capital of Great Britain!

While these may appear to be trivial at first the fact is these blunders could ruin a wonderful holiday in one of the greatest cities in the world. And also have a serious impact on your wallet! To ensure that you make the most of trip to London avoid the following mistakes:

Choose a hotel in the suburbs or outskirts: When we look for accommodation it is natural that we look for the most budget friendly hotels, however location is something to be considered seriously. It is definitely not cost-effective when we have to pay a hefty sum to travel to the city centre and top attractions, which would be the case if you are staying on the outskirts of the city. Apart from the cost factor it also is waste of valuable time.  And that to when there are places in the city centre like hotels near Hyde Park, which are comfortable and budget friendly to stay at.

Staying in a hotel like the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel will not only be economical as it is reasonably priced, but it will also help to save on transport costs being in the centre of the city.  And it is close to some of the best attractions including restaurants and shopping venues in the city!

Not opting for an Oyster card: Travelling around the city can be fairly expensive and as a rule tourists end up paying considerably more. The reason is that local Londoners play it smart and ensure that they use their Oyster cards on most public transport links. They are something like travel credit cards, and they definitely are a much more cost-effective way to travel around the city. They have a daily cap as well so you do not have to spend beyond a certain amount irrespective of the number of trips you make in the day. It definitely is a much more economical way of commuting in London. There are traveller Oyster cards, which you can order online to be delivered at your home or you can buy visitor cards at certain stations in London.

Use the Tube on every trip: And speaking of travel it is not a necessity to only travel on the London Underground or Tube as it is commonly known. It is possible to travel between most attractions in the central London on foot. It not only helps to save on travel expenses but is also a much more interesting way to explore the city. For those who are not too keen on strolling through the city try the famous bus network. They are generally more economical than the Tube and user-friendly, while travelling to all parts of the city. There are bus stations to find all over the city and it is a convenient and hassle free way to travel in London.

Over plan an itinerary: The city of London is massive with a lot to see so forget the idea that you can accomplish seeing everything on a single trip. The worst thing you can possible do is to attempt to cram the itinerary with multiple places to visit in a single day. Firstly you will not have adequate time to see and enjoy the experience at leisure and secondly running from one attraction to another would be a hassle and no fun. Instead plan it out so that you have ample time to spend at each attraction you plan to visit. Try to plan your travel in a way that you see most of the attractions in an area on a single visit. As most of the top attractions in central London are close to each other you could club the prominent ones together without overdoing it.

Neglecting to book in advance: Remember London is a tourist hub and if you expect to visit the major attractions and not be overwhelmed with the crowds, you got another thing coming! When you visit places like the London Eye, the British Museum, Madame Tussaud’s etc. you can be sure to find long queues to get in. The solution is to make reservations in advance to ensure that you do not have to spend time in a long queue. And for paid attractions the benefit of booking online in advance is that it can get you lower priced tickets!

Neglect many of the top free attractions: While visiting places like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace is a great cultural experience, the fact is that it will set you back by a considerable amount of money as admission charges. The fact is London has plenty of free attractions with prominent places like many of its public museums and art galleries being free to visit. Some of these include the British Museum, The Tate Modern, Museum of London, the National Gallery and The Natural History Museum etc. among many other prominent attractions.   These not only are great places to visit but also help to save on entry fees.

Go on free guided tours: One of the best ways to learn more about the city and its illustrious history is to take a guided tour. There are plenty of paid tours and even free guided walking tours. All you need to do is to enquire of search online for the spots and attractions that offer free guided tours in many parts of London. The tours are informative and exciting with an expert guide to fill you in with the details of the places that the group visits. While there is no fee charged it is always a good idea to leave a small tip as a contribution at the end of the tour.

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