Things to do in London

Some of the best ways to have fun while vacationing in London, although  the usual is known to everyone yet when it comes to go for some free things it is more attractive.

Royal Festival Hall
One of the most beautiful architectural constructs on the South bank, this monolithic Gregorian architecture had been built during the middle of the nineteenth century period. The hall mostly had served as the ballroom for the royal family and on various other occasions it is open to the public where the ground floor area which has the stage has been a witness to many of the events. During one of the exhibitions conducted by the Park Grand London Hyde Park it had been my good fortune to view the place and the carvings and paintings all depict grandeur. The place is good to be visited during the weekends as most of the workshops or events are organised here. The highlight of this place is as you are there take a ride to the fifth floor in the elevator where you will find a discreet balcony which opens up an impressive view to the Thames.

Somerset House
This is a beautiful house with a gorgeous view of the Thames built along the lines of the Gregorian architecture; the two staircases are brilliantly done and are worth watching. As you approach the balcony it gives you the view of the Thames and just as you descend, go to the basement area, there is a beautiful gallery with good collection of paintings. If you happen to visit the Somerset house during the summer months, then the fountains in the courtyard are a great site to see and similarly during winters a rink is prepared for the onlookers. The place is open to hosting of events and workshops as the demand be. There is a gallery which showcases the impressionist’s paintings and the entry to this is chargeable and the place is open for public all the days.

BFI Mediatheque
This swanky looking place is an extension of the British Film institute located at the south Bank area the place has a lot to explore apart from the goo number of eating stalls there is an awesome bar that serves you some of the coolest drinks. The place has cinema screens for the movie lovers, but the most attractive of them all is the Mediatheque where in you have wide screen computer booths that showcases movies, documentaries, serials or any random event you name and it is fully equipped to provide you with all that you ask for. While putting up at the central London hotels special offers my friends were guided to this amazing place and all they knew thereon is that they going to come back very soon. There are online facilities to book for yourself a seat and a slot so that you watch hassle free your favourite show with a whole new experience. The place is open on all the days.

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