Things to explore in Convent Garden

Every single aspect about the city of London tends to be generating huge amount of interest among the travellers. Every year, the capital city of England gets to witness the constant arrival of millions of peoples coming over from different parts across the globe. It is always quite an exquisite manner of making all your desires come true and you would absolutely love the idea of enjoying most of the trip in the most fascinating manner. The best way by means of which you can most certainly look ahead to make the most of your trip is to plan the trip well in advance. There are thousands of things to do and you would feel completely lost amid this vast city which always have something intertying to offer to its visitors. If you have never visited the English capital ever before then this is high time you should just start taking the trip seriously and look ahead for all the possible ways which can most certainly help you out in all the good ways.

The best solution of making your trip to the British capital to be an exciting affair, all you need to do is to find yourself a centrally located hotel. The montcalm hotel brewery hotels which have their bases in the city centre offer great accessibility to all the visitors. Most of the sightseeing attractions in the English capital are located in the heart of the city. This is what makes things more interesting for the visitors staying at central London hotels.

If you are feeling confused regarding which hotel to stay at in the central London then you can genuinely look ahead to make your accommodation arrangement at London City Suites by Montcalm.

The heart of the city is not only famous for the historic sites but also for being well enriched finest of the market places, restaurants and travel attractions. If you are planning to explore the exquisite shopping arenas while coming over to visit the capital city of England, you must always go ahead for the fascinating places of interests which you have always wished to explore during the vacation.

London city is truly a vacation delight for every person who takes keen interest in checking out the pleasurable offerings which the city is famous for.

Some of the most interesting shopping markets in the world can be found over here and you would feel even more delighted to come across to the fact that there is even something more and interesting other than only shopping at the market places. For instance, the Convent Garden is the hub of interesting elements which are meant to make you feel thoroughly enriched throughout the tour.

Convent Garden is geographically positioned in the heart of the city. It is wonderfully bordered by Leicester Square and City of London. Whiel checking out the shops and other activities at Convent Garden, you can also look ahead to visit Soho, Thames riverside, Mozart opera set for Royal Opera House and Trafalgar Square which are all positioned within walking distance from the market place.

Several smaller yet important areas make Convent Garden worth exploring. Listed below are some of the most interesting things which you can look ahead to indulge yourself into while browsing through the streets of Convent Garden.

Covent Garden Market

  • Things to watch out for in Convent Garden

  • London Transport Museum:If you are planning or a fun filled day out then you may consider bringing your children to this exquisite museum which has its base in Convent Garden. Explore the enticing history of London transport museum and its extensively enriching network of London during your visit to this museum. This is a family friendly attraction and you would feel enlightened to explore the interactive exhibits and decommissioned vehicles in this museum.
  • Convent Garden Market: Shop for designer clothes, antiques and other exquisite materials which you fancy for from the stores over here.
  • National Gallery: If you are an ardent fan of artistic exquisiteness then you should look ahead to visit the National Gallery which displays a wide array of artistic exhibits.
  • Somerset House
  • St Martin’s Courtyard: It is a small oasis of calm off Long Acre which is eminent at pleasing the guests with a bit of everything.
  • Trafalgar Square and many more.
  • There are several shows to watch out for in Convent Garden’s theatres. Over here, you will be able to check out theatres starting from West End musicals to classical plays and comedies. Some of the famous shows and theatres at Convent Garden mainly include:
  • The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre
  • Stomp at the Ambassadors Theatre
  • Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre
  • War Horse at The New London Theatre
  • War Horse at The New London Theatre
  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Savoy Theatre and many others.
  • If you are more interested into shopping activities then Convent Garden is considered to be the best. Some of the stores which you should visit while browsing the shops in this area are as follows:
  • Burberry
  • Apple Store Convent Garden
  • The Opera Quarter
  • Neal’s Yard and several more.
  • Want more of Convent Garden? Then you must head straight to the Convent Garden Piazza. This traffic free cobblestone square is ideal for having a great taste of Convent Garden as a whole. Get free entertainment by the street performers over here.
  • Seven Dials: This is the place where you can come across to historic interaction of seven streets which offers a wealth of gourmet goodies. Over here you cannot absolutely miss the Tatty Devine, Cyber candy and the Moomin shop.

London has got all what you desire to check out and this is one of the finest places to achieve your wishes. Plan your trip in advance and enjoy the scintillating most of it.

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