Things To Know About London Eye River Cruise

There are various things that you need to do during your stay in London. Apart from visiting different places within the city and experiencing the landmarks, there is also one thing that you need to do and your trip to London complete. Though expensive but completely worth it is the cruise tour on River Thames and one such is London Eye river cruise that will only blow your mind and will give you some of the best memories of the lifetime.

London eye

About London Eye River Cruise

The London Eye River Cruise is one of the finest things that can happen to you as a tourist to this city. You will see London in a whole new perspective. The cruise stretches for 40 minutes over River Thames with live commentary while you get to see some of London’s iconic sites like St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and HMS Belfast. One of the best parts of this cruise is, you can cover some of the best locations in London within limited time and at the same time, it also brings you back to the place so that there is no problem for you reach The Montcalm or any other 5 star hotels London.

This is not all that you are going to get from this cruise. In case, you are traveling with kids that are less than four years then, this trip is free for them and with a multi-lingual audio guide, it will be easy for you to follow the attractions spots that you are going to cover through this trip.

Some Things To Know

London Eye is one of the biggest attractions of the city and it also stands as a symbol synonymous to this nation. While you are visiting London Eye, you can only admire the spectacular view it provides without any Commentary. On the other hand, London Eye River Cruise was the added in the year 2002 with live commentary that will help you explore the significance of the historical monuments that you are going to see through the cruise.

You will love the commentary as it is entertaining and factual at the same time. You will learn a lot of things from the live commentary as you will cruise by the attractions. The views are also great and the best time of the day to hire the cruise is during the day time so that you can clearly see the attractions and also can enjoy the surrounding. While the commentary will be on, you are allowed to ask questions in case, you have any query about the attraction you are passing by.

The best thing about cruise is that it is suitable for all weathers as it is covered with sun decking seats. Moreover, if you are traveling with any disabled person then, you will face no problem as these cruises also have wheelchair access so that everyone can take the trip in peace.

Dining Options Available

It has been already mentioned that the cruise brings you back to the same place from where the trip just got started. The cruise starts from South Bank and ends there and if you have taken the evening trip of the cruise, on returning to South Bank, you will get plenty of places to dine out with your friends or family and have a fun time and the just the perfect way to wrap up your day. There is OXO Tower, Gabriel’s Wharf and South Bank Center with options that will suit your every budget.

Using The Voucher

You will have to ensure that the name of your voucher matches the name that you have on your ID. Any discrepancy in that respect will lead to refusal of boarding the cruise. There are also some important documents that you need to carry while on board. Firstly, you need to have a printed copy of your e-voucher and a printed copy of order confirmation email. Also, you will need a valid passport id or any other photo ID for visiting the attraction.

Few Details About Attractions You See Onboard

You will get to see and know about few of the most important historical buildings and tourist spots of London while on the cruise. You will visit Houses of Parliament that is the Palace of Westminster. It was a royal palace and also where the kings and royalties of England used to live. The layout of Palace is gorgeous and intricate. This is something that you will not miss out on the cruise.

Next, comes, St Paul’s Cathedral which is one of the thousands old year structure of Great Britain that is still standing today. This is one of the other buildings of London that stands synonymous to its glorious past and architecture. There are many things to explore when you are in the Cathedral.

Next in the line is Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The former is the national art gallery where contemporary and modern art forms from all over the world are preserved since 1900. On the other hand, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre needs no introduction, and the tour will give you a glimpse of the Elizabethan stage and that era when performances were carried on that very stage.

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are two of the other things that you are going to see through this cruise. Tower Bridge is one of the most recognized bridges in the world and is a live example engineering triumph. Thus, it is considered as one of the sophisticated and largest bascule bridge that was ever built.

Tower of London is yet another famous building of the nation that once served as a residence to the royalties and also served as a prison to countries most prominent prisoners and spies including Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth I.

Lastly, before coming on board, you can also take a ride on London Eye and make yourself comfortable with all the excitement that is going to come on your way.

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