Things to remember while visiting London in May

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and is not just the capital city, but is among the most famous and visited places across all borders. London has a magical touch to it along with its long and well-known history. If you are travelling to London in a particular time of the year, you must know about a certain thing such as the weather conditions and activities that takes place during that month or time. For instance, a lot of people choose to travel to this extravagant city in the month of May. If you are one of those people, you need to be aware that the average maximum temperature in London during May is about 17°C, and the minimum goes about 8°C. Also, the weather can get pretty wet at times. Hence, you must carry a waterproof, lightweight jacket with you will go for sightseeing.

Highlights in the month of May:

If you are visiting in the month of May, it will be unfair if you miss the RHC or Royal Hospital Chelsea’s greatest flower show. Each year the garden show takes place on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. You can view the displays of the vibrant horticulture, small gardens and flowers of all kinds which makes it so world famous. This particular event gets an attendance of more than an average of 150,000 viewers annually. For this reason, it is advised to purchase the tickets in advance since they get sold out very quickly. The particular show has gone to become among the most essential areas for witnessing the trends of emerging and upcoming gardens. The popularity of older plants is revived, and new plants are launched with equal enthusiasm. The venue stages in one of the most affluent and charming neighborhoods of London and has popularity equal to the Paris Fashion Week.

Along with this how, you also need to know various other places of interest that are must visits no matter what the season in which you are visiting. For starters, you need to know that most of the famous, as well as best sights and attractions, very much situate within London’s city limits. This makes it easier for a traveler to view all the lovely places. However, if you are planning a day out for the visit, you must also know the sights that are in proximity to each other so that you can cover all the ones within the city in a day and take out time to visit outside the city the other day.

Planning is very important while going for exploration. If you do make an impressive plan, you can save a lot of efforts and most importantly time.

Double-decker Bus: Riding the double-decker bus is one of the best things you can do in order to get an iconic view of the city. This is a great way to visit many places in the same day and absorb the beauty of the entire place. You can witness all the primary and major attractions merely in a short span of time while on the bus tour.

After you have had all the fun riding this bus and viewing the sights and attractions of London city, you might want some time to make the day more personalized and intimate for you. You can set yourself for a solo excursion and visit places such as The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Big Ben, and do not miss to ride the big ferry wheel which is the London Eye. This is a must-do because this wheel will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

Among the other must-visit sights and attractions that you will want to witness when in London would be the Tower of London, Buckingham palace and Westminster Abbey. You may also want to spend some time at the numerous art galleries and museums to know more about the art and the past of the city in depth. However, as earlier mentioned, while going to all these places in the month of May, do not forget to carry a waterproof jacket, as it might drizzle unpredictably. Also, remember to carry a camera in order to capture all the precious memories.

When you are planning a trip in London, it is equally crucial to make advance bookings for your accommodation. There are many amazing hotels in the city in order to meet the various demands of people with different needs and necessities. One of these great hotels is the BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow. This is one of the gems of the Shaftesbury chain of hotels. The property is made from modern architecture and contemporary style so to meet the modern standards of people.

The property consists of 124 stylish and luxurious bedrooms; this property also comes with an in-house bar and restaurant for the guests to relax and enjoy a nice beverage before a good night’s sleep. All the major shopping areas are close to this hotel so that you do not have to travel too much to reach the places of interest. Even after being close to the city, it is very away from the noises and crowds if the city.

Since we are located close to the international Heathrow airport, commuting to and from the airport becomes very easy and convenient for the guests. The hotel provides you with all the luxuries that you can imagine along with all the necessary modern facilities and amenities. All of these makes certain that the guests stay cozy and comfortable at all times.

Following are some of the facilities made available by the hotel:

  • In-house restaurant
  • Gym
  • Complimentary access to high-speed internet
  • Bar
  • Three conference and meeting rooms
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