Things to See and Do As A Tourist In London

London is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities in the world. Filled to the brim with culture, history, architecture and food, there are innumerable activities and adventurous for tourists which not only provide them with entertainment but also refresh the mid and soul. The list never ends for London’s amazing attractions. There are so many historical building and museums to see, art theatre to visits, restaurants to eat and shops to shop.

For a city as large a London, it can be quite a task o even plan a single day exploring the sights and sound of the city. And if you are travelling London for the first time, it surely has to be a long term visit and not just a small visit of 2-3 days. London can keep a tourist busy for almost a year. You could do something every day throughout the time and still just scratch the bottom. Therefore it necessary for you to have an itinerary planned for you to enjoy everything in London to the fullest and since you have 1 day to explore the city, we will help you make a list which accommodates 24 hours of pure London-based fun which will allow you to experience the best of London.

It is no doubt that to explore all that this amazing city has to offer in a single day you need to have a lot of planning and plotting. This requires a lot of knowledge about the city. However, before considering to even begin to plan about traveling, the first thing that you should be concerned about is to book a place which suits your requirements for comfortable accommodation. Obviously, you want to stay in a place that combines comfort living and tasteful architecture together to create the perfect accommodation place. Fortunately for you, London is filled to the brim with such luxury hotels which are located in different parts of the city.

For first time visitors to London, Paddington Hotel London and The Grand London Paddington Hotel are the premium choices which offer excellent service and the hospitality offered by the staff there is well known all over London. As said in the reviews by the people who have accommodated here before, these luxury hotels situated it one of the isolated and quiet corners of Central London provides its visitors with the best of facilities. The grand luxurious suites with several hi-tech facilities and the tastefully designed architecture of the building itself attracts several tourists. The homely atmosphere that these hotels provide to their customers is well known among all. Also the restaurant in the hotel offers an excellent palate of exquisite dishes and cuisine as well as the bar with exotic drink creates an ambience of fine dining for business associates and guests alike. Among other attractive traits, these hotels also have fitness centres and conference rooms for the visitors’ comfort and ease.

Things to Do In Your First Day in London
When you have only 24 hours to explore the sights of London, your schedule will be jam packed with activities and we are here to help you with that. Given below are a few locations you could visit and enjoy the things they have to offer.

• A Run around St James Park: A great way to start your day in London would be take a refreshing run along the famous St James Park, one of the amazing well-known parks in the city. The route of the park is as long as 5 km and almost takes over an hour to explore. One of the perks of strolling in this park is that not only are you surrounded by greenery and fresh air but also, while strolling you get to see various historical attractions such as Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and big Ben.

• Experience Modern Art at the Tate Modern: After you are doing enjoying the views of several historical buildings while strolling in the St James Park, you might consider walking a few paces down into the Southbank Centre and reach the Tate Modern, another iconic building which features several important and valuable collections of modern art. The Gallery of Tate Modern, houses impressive and beautiful works of several of modern artists all over the world. Stairs available make every other floors in gallery easily accessible to the tourists.

• Explore The Southbank: After basking in the eternal beauty of modern art it is now time to head back towards the riverside and reach the Southbank Centre in London. This iconic spot has a variety of things to offer the tourists. The Southbank Centre Food Market consists of an impressive collections from over 40 producers who are experts in meats, confectionaries and spices. The Queen Elizabeth Hall Garden Café & Bar provides the tourists with a great environment to enjoy their lunches and breakfast of pancakes. Don’t forget to visit the St Paul’s Cathedral and Millennium Bridge while you are there.

• Climb St Paul’s Cathedral: Now that you are done exploring the beautiful art scene and the amazing food market that London City stores within it, it is now time to look into the architectural wonder that has been a part of London’s history since a long time. We are talking about the St. Paul’s Cathedral which is well known for its beautiful interiors and attractive gardens. Also available in it are stairs that lead up to the dome from where you can enjoy a stunning London view.

• Top Healthy Eateries in London: Eating healthy in London is as important as any other activity. Fortunately, London has a large number of healthy eating spots in different locations. Some of them are, Flour to the People, known for its coffee and homemade bread, Nama, which is famous for its vegan deliciousness. The Detox kitchen is another eatery in London famous for its healthy salad options. The list goes on and there is much more this city has to offer when it comes to healthy eating.

Make sure you follow this itinerary to explore the best of London and be careful about not spending too much time in a certain place, no matter how captivating t seems. Wouldn’t want to get late, would you?

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