This Christmas Enjoy the Delights at Fortnum & Mason in London

This Christmas you can enjoy the travels across the world in this beautiful city filled with a lot of travel experiences and tour ecstasies. Out of the many shops that are popular among tourists here, Fortnum & Mason is a very popular department store which is located in the central part of London. This is a beautiful store near St. Pancras Railway station and is near Heathrow. With its headquarters at Piccadilly this has been existing since the year 1707 and was founded by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason. This is a worthwhile experience when you travel across the city of London. Recognized internationally for the best iconic goods in this part of London, it is actually a British symbol too. Initially a grocery store, Fortnum started getting famous on giving very good food and slowly grew in the time of the Victorian era. Today Fortnum has developed into a perfect department store. Today it still caters to the requirement of exotic and special provisions. An ideal way to enjoy the shopping pleasures thus it provides a wonderful combination of both travel luxuries and tour delights. The store has many departments too and the one that is frequented very well is the Gentlemen’s department store located on the top storey. This is where you find a lot of tea shops and many restaurants. Tourists coming to this part of the world enjoy the simple pleasures in these beautiful places in London.

The History behind Fortnum and Mason

It is said that William Fortnum actually was a footman in Queen Anne’s family. William Fortnum used to reuse the candles that he used to get every day for a good profit. Fortnum was also a grocer and he joined hands with Hugh Mason his landlord and started his first smalls hop in the region of St. James’s Market sometime back in the year 1707. Then William Fortnum’s grandson served the Queen Charlotte. Slowly the Fortnum and Mason business grew and this was the beginning of a new era in the department store. The store gradually began to keep a lot of specialty items like fresh poultry, and also the ready to eat luxury meals, besides of course the aspic jelly foodstuff. Gradually during the Napoleonic era, the store started publishing spices, dried fruit, and many other preserves that were supplied to the British officers. Later it is said that during the Victorian era the store was approached to give food for other Court functions in the royal category. In fact shipments of Fortnum and Mason began to get popular across the continent. It is said that Charles Drury Fortnum also had the habit of collecting art and he was the Trustee of the British Museum and he donated a lot of his collection here. Then sometime in the year 1886, there was a stock of five cases which was stored by Fortnum & Mason and this became their first stock. This was a can of baked beans.

Formation of the Great Department Store

Sometime in the year 1951, it is believed that a businessman from Canada Garfield Weston took over the store and installed a four ton clock at the main entrance. This was in memory of the founders. Every hour it is said this four foot high clock has the models of Fortnum and Mason come out and bows to each other. They also chimed together and it was a beautiful sight indeed. After his death, it was Jana Khayat and Kate Weston who ran the store. Then the store got refurbished in the year 2007n and what we have today is a beautiful hub of collections, artefacts, and a lovely department related store in London. All those staying in Piccadilly on tours love to come here and take back with them lovely souvenirs. Hotels near Piccadilly surely entertain the guests with such tour delights which make it a very eventful and exciting event in this part of London. Then sometime back in 2012, Queen Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge made their first visit to this royal department store and The Queen it is believed also inaugurated a Jubilee Tea Room on the top floor. Today Fortnum & Mason is popular for the loose leaf tea and is very famous for the picnic hampers which was in the earlier days distributed during the Ascot and the Henley Regatta race. These luxury hampers have the best of Stilton cheese, champagne, smoked salmon, and quails’ eggs and provide you with a great time during festivals like Christmas.

The Fortnum & Mason Hampers

The hampers here at the famed department store provide you with a combination of savory snacks and crunchy Carnevale nuts. There are other culinary delights like the Marc de Champagne Truffles, the Bazaar Olives and the fruity Cranberry Thin Biscuits. There is also the Dundee cake which is a traditional dessert along with whole almonds. The Fortnum Afternoon Blend tea with a lot of Sandringham Blend Coffee is very famous and popular here and each tourist also binges on the rijoa and Bourgogne Blanc which is a great treat for all who love to gorge on such stuff. These are actually brought from the cellars and this is the reason the taste is so good. Get the Christmas Banquet Hamper which comes with a Wiltshire Cure Mini Ham and a wedge of organic Stilton, and also a Terrine of Wild Boar. Get the traditional Christmas cake as well as biscuits, chocolates, pudding and you would surely know why the store is so popular. Then you have the Family Christmas Hamper which has all the delicious treats that you would love to enjoy and binge on. The family is happy and you would have a great Christmas with the sea salted caramel truffles, the Christmas Feast biscuits, the mini crackers and the Champagne.

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