Tips for First Time Visitors to London

If you are planning to visit London for the first time and going through the guide books to try and formulate your itinerary for the number of days that you will be staying there, chances are that you will get completely confused as there are such a lot of places to see and things to do. You will feel as if you are lost at sea, not knowing where to go. Such a feeling might even deter you from visiting the city but you should not despair as all that you need is to do some research and plan in advance. However, the following tips will also help you.

Visit the City at the best Time of the Year:

London has a most unpredictable weather as it might be full of sunshine at one moment and within a few minutes, it might start pouring necessitating an umbrella to protect you. As the cold season can get slightly too cold for comfort as well as being dark, dreary and dull all the time, it is best to plan your visit during the warmer months. However, irrespective of the season you choose for visiting the city, you must pack wisely, taking clothes with you for all temperatures. It is also advisable to have layers and comfortable shoes for any weather. Summer is the best season to visit as you can indulge in most outdoor activities and enjoy a mild weather but even in winter most attractions, nightlife, shopping and food options are open and you can have a great time.

Get a Visitor Oyster Card:

London’s public transport system is very efficient and extensive but it is expensive. As such, it is best to plan ahead and order online for a visitor Oyster Card that will be delivered at your home and you will have it with you when you arrive in London so that you can start using it immediately and avail of its various cost-saving features. You can use it on the entire public transport system and also avail of discounts to famous attractions, restaurants and other activities.

On your arrival in London, you should take a free walking tour or take a Hop on Hop off bus tour to get familiar with the various attractions and also to get an idea of how to get around. Both these modes have expert guides with them who will provide all the information that you need regarding each attraction that you are passing by.

While visiting London, if you wish to stay in a luxury hotel at a cost that you can afford, you should try and avail of London Hotels Special Offers that translate into attractive discounts along with plenty of incentives and freebies.

Choose Where You Would Like to Stay:

London offers a wide range of accommodation options from the most expensive luxury hotels to the cheapest hotels, B&Bs, hostel rooms, dormitories, and cheap hotels so that visitors with different budgets can find a suitable place to stay. It is best to do some research and look for the hotel that would suit you. However, since most attractions are located in and around central London, it would be ideal to stay in areas such as in West End or Bloomsbury areas, although they would be costly options. The further you move away from central London, the cheaper will be the accommodation but it would be more time consuming to commute to the various attractions. Budget travellers can look for accommodation at places like Hampstead, Bayswater and Elephant and Castle where they would get hostels for great-value prices.

If you wish to get a great deal from a luxury hotel, you should find out about the London Hotels Packages that they are offering and then choose the one that you would suit you as there are many different types offering attractive discounts and other incentives.

Take Advice for Great Restaurants and Pubs:

There are overwhelming options available for food and drinks in London, to the extent that you would be spoilt for choice and you would not know what to do. Restaurants are available for every price range as well as for different cuisines in every part of the city. Besides the high end restaurants, you also have street food options that are cheap and yet tasty. As such, it is necessary to get proper advice at your hotel regarding which one would be the best one for your needs and taste. Besides places such as McDonalds, you can find multicultural offerings serving Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Turkish, Malaysian, and Korean food. At the city’s markets, you can find plenty of street stalls offering tasty food at budget prices. If you take a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans and tomato, you can go through the day easily until dinner.

Make a List of Attractions You Wish to See:

There are so many attractions in London that you need to pick and choose so that you can cover those places easily within the limited time at your disposal. You must realize that you cannot see all the places that you wish to and as such make a list of only those places that you absolutely wish to see.

Choose the Events You Would Like to See:

Depending on your taste, you should choose the events that you would like to see as it is impossible to see all that is available. If you like theatre, you should go to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square and pick up a last minute, discount ticket.

Night Life:

You can find plenty of live music in pubs and clubs like the famous Ministry of Sound near Elephant and Castle. London has a lively night scene with neighbourhoods like Soho never failing to draw a bohemian crowd. You can sip cocktails at a Convent Garden bar, or visit the edgier regions of Shoreditch and Brixton. You can also pub around the local neighbourhoods and try to make friends.

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