Tips For Planning A Visit To London

If you truly wish to enjoy your trip to London and want that it should be free of any glitches or hassles, it is essential to plan all aspects carefully before embarking on it by doing proper research. Moreover, London is an expensive city but with a little bit of research and planning you can succeed in having an enjoyable, economical trip. Given below are a few tips that will help you in your planning process and also after you have reached your destination.

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Look for Economical Airfares:

A lot of vacation deals are available at various times and as such it would be a good idea to keep tracking such deals on online sites such as Expedia and you will definitely be able to spot a good deal, more so because airfare rates to London keep fluctuating frequently. You should also consider taking booking a return flight to London during the mid-week as you will find that the rates of airfares are cheaper then, than at weekends. Apart from finding the best prices on online sites, you should also check the dedicated sites of the airlines and compare the prices.

Look for the Right Hotel at the Right Place:

For a comfortable stay in London at an affordable cost, it would be necessary to do proper research on the Internet before choosing a hotel. One of the various factors that need to be considered before choosing a hotel is its location because it will be of great help if you are staying at a place that is close to the various attractions that you are planning to visit and other places of your interest. This will help you in saving time, energy and money that you would be spending in commuting to these places if you are staying at a far-away hotel. Although hotels in central London are costlier than the other hotels located far away, it is worth spending that extra amount of money as you can save on the commuting cost. As such you have to strike a fine balance between the cost of accommodation and the location. You will find that Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London is one of the best places to stay as it is located in the heart of the city in close proximity to most attractions and it offers comfortable accommodation with best facilities at affordable cost.

Buy Oyster Card Before Landing in London:

Commuting in London via different modes offered by the London Transport can be full of hassles especially with regard to buying a ticket and standing in a queue. Moreover, it is very expensive to buy single-journey paper tickets and the best option is to order an Oyster Card before you leave your place of residence and you will get it by post. With this card in your hand you will be able to board any transport, whether it is a bus, a Tube or the Overhead train by just flashing your card or touching it where indicated. It is important to buy a card according to the zones that you plan to visit during your stay. You can also keep topping up the card as need be. You will achieve considerable savings and ease of movement.

Get a London Pass:

This pass will help you visit the attractions that have a high entry fee, at no cost and as such you will save a lot of money. Moreover, you won’t need to stand in a queue for buying a ticket and for entry. It can also be used on all modes of transport.

Plan an Open-air Sightseeing Tour:

You can get a good view of the various attractions of London from the top deck of an open-air double-decker sightseeing bus. It is easy and cheap to cover a lot of attractions by taking a ride on such a bus. You can plan beforehand regarding the bus and route that you would like to take. You will also get the liberty to hop off at any of its stops, see an attraction closely and then hop on a subsequent bus. It will also entitle you to a River Thames cruise.


One of the best ways to stay in luxury and enjoy best facilities at a rate that is far less than what 5 star hotels charge, is to choose to stay in 4 Star Hotels London.

Plan Your Itinerary:

In order to be able to see more attractions in a day, it is best to plan your movements so that you choose to see attractions that are close to each other, thereby saving the time that you would have spent in moving from one place to another.

Visit Free Museums and Galleries:

London presents a whole lot of museums and galleries that do not charge any entry fee. You can do some research and then plan to visit only those places. You can also avail of half price theatre tickets from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square on the day of the performance and choose from a wide selection of West End shows.

Enjoy an Exotic Nightlife:

There are plenty of nightlife options available at pubs and other nightclubs where you can have a rollicking time. You can choose the discos and clubs that you would like to visit and enjoy the most popular genres such as trance, hip-hop, rock and indie music. You can dance away to glory to any of these genres and have a great time.

Plan Other Activities:

Besides having a great time at a beach, you can also appreciate the rare flora and fauna that are found at Holkham which is a part of the Nature Reserve. Another interesting activity that you can plan is roller-coasting at any of the famous roller coasters such as Nemesis, Rita or Thirteen. If you are a football fan or if you love music gigs, you can find out whether any of these events will be taking place during the time when you will be there and make suitable bookings beforehand.

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