Tips on beating stress at our workplace

While living in a city like London definitely has its advantages, there are a few downsides to city life as well. Probably the most prominent of these is the high levels of stress we endure in our professional and personal lives. Stress is known to be a leading cause for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac issues and a variety of other maladies. We need to ensure that we reduce the build-up of stress in our daily lives to enjoy a healthier quality of life.

One way to beat stress is to spend a weekend at a Montcalm hotel spa. It thoroughly rejuvenates and refreshes the mind and the body and is a great way to relieve the body of the effects of stress. Another could be to take a city break of sorts and to spend a day or two away from home at a luxury hotel.

There are a number of fine luxury hotels in the city like the Montcalm London City hotel, which offers 5 star luxury at a very affordable price. While these are just a few ways to beat stress we could explore other ways to prevent its build-up on our daily life. We could begin by making changes at our workplace where we spend a considerable amount of time. To achieve this it is necessary to optimise our workspace so that it becomes a much more relaxed place to work in. This would not only help to reduce high levels of stress but will also lead to an improvement in productivity. This can be done by creating a workspace that makes you comfortable and happy. A few tips on creating a more relaxed workspace whether at home or in the office are:

Banish the clutter

Having stacks of file and papers strewn all over your desk not only makes the place look disorganized and unprofessional but also lead a rise in stress levels considerably. It could make you even feel overwhelmed at times! Obviously we just cannot ditch everything in to a trash can, instead we could go ahead and sort out the important from the unimportant and have then organized into file folders, which can then be placed inside the desk, or somewhere discreet away from view. If you do need to have papers on your desk they should be just those that relate to the task at hand and nothing else should be placed on the desk. You would be pleasantly surprised to see an increase in productivity and a reduction of stress levels when you accomplish this!

Get comfortable seating

If you spend long working hours at your desk it is imperative that the place where you sit or more importantly the seat should be comfortable. If you are driven to distraction and constantly having to fidget and change positions because of an uncomfortable chair, it is going to make you less attentive and consequently affect productivity. So request your boss or supervisor to get you a comfortable seat. Just in case it is not feasible at that time how about trying to get one yourself! You could drop in at an office supply store and check out the range of chairs available. Of course you need to actually try them out by sitting in them and finding one which you find comfortable and to your liking! Don’t go solely for the looks try it before you actually buy it!

Go in for a small fan

With central heating or cooling most offices that use re-circulated air tend to become stuffy and stale. One way to beat this is to get a small fan installed at your desk which will help to reduce stuffy and stale air from circulating in your work area. And needless to say it will be handy when the weather is warmer and the ambient temperature isn’t too your liking. Trying to focus on a task when we breathe in warm or stale air certainly affects concentration. Having a small fan goes a long way to make things more comfortable!

Get eco-friendly

This does not exactly mean that you need to spend only on recycled or biodegradable materials! When we say eco-friendly it could also imply to add a little green to the work area. This could be done by adding plants to your workspace. And no, fake plants will not just not do! Instead how about going in for real live green plants that generate fresh oxygen! It will do wonders for any stale air issues and make the area more pleasant and pleasurable to spend long hours at.

Get the right lighting

Is the lighting in your workspace just too bright or there is inadequate lighting in the area? IF the levels of light are inadequate you could make it brighter by just adding a decorative desk lamp. Remember when we work for long hours on our desktop PCS or laptops the light conditions in the area should be comfortable, so that we do not strain our eyes staring at the computer screens. Alternately if you feel the light is too bright or harsh you could have it toned down, through the installation of a light regulator or even having the lights replaced by something that is more pleasant. Light plays a crucial role in influencing our moods which are crucial to prevent the build-up of stress.

Personalize your work space

A great way to make a workspace more comfortable is by personalising the area where we work. You could spruce up the place to make it more appealing. From adding family photographs to colourful desk calendars or even cute paperweights, there are a lot of different ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. Just use your creativity to improve the appearance of your workspace and see the way it will perk you up!

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