Tips To Make Guests Long Term Customers

While it is necessary for hotels to spend substantial time on attracting new customers, it is equally important for them to retain the existing database of guests that they have. All business owners are aware that acquiring new customers is a much more expensive option than retaining existing customers. Research also indicates that repeat guests spend 67% more than new ones.

While having a good hotel digital marketing strategy is essential, there are certain simple steps to retain existing customers that will offer repeat business. Some of the steps to get repeat business are:

Know your guests by name:

While it may seem trivial, the staff must be trained to foster a relationship with existing customers by using their name. It will help to build a rapport and remembering their name is something they will appreciate. It shows attention to detail and also reflects on the staff as being more competent. Extending the personalised experience a bit further the check-out staff can offer their business cards at the time of check-out, while asking the customer to call them directly when the customer plans to stay again at the hotel.

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Offer the guests surprises:

Giving guests something that is unexpected makes it a more pleasurable experience for them. The perks and extras which they never expected will make their stay more memorable and make them feel that much more special. For special events like anniversaries or birthdays a bottle of wine or champagne could be offered, or a free upgrade etc. Perks need not be expensive like leaving a box of chocolates, offering complimentary coffee etc.

Get the guests’ contact details:

Do not expect an OTA to share customer details as they are very competitive and would not like the hotel to have a line of direct communication with customers. The hotel staff needs to be proactive and ask the customer for contact details including their email, at the time of checking in or out. This must happen when the guest stays at the hotel as it helps to keep in touch with the guest in the future. It helps to build a rapport and in brand building and also helps to tempt them with special offers to make a booking. If you remain in constant touch with them they will book directly the next time they are in town, instead of using the services of an OTA.

Take their feedback:

When you ask the customer for their feedback it shows you value them and their experience at the hotel. It will not only help to improve the customer experience but can also help to generate repeat business the next time they are in town. It also helps to identify areas which need improvement in services and facilities. Stay in touch with them though the use of social media that can also help to learn about guests’ preferences. Knowing what they like or dislike can help you to target you marketing efforts in a more informed way.

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