Top 10 Christmas-Related Things To Do In London

If it is the Christmas time again, then you are going to get involved in a number of presents to get. In order to add a little more entertainment and excitement to your occasion out of the usual turkey dinner, inevitable EastEnders and Queen’s speech, going off to the London is an exciting way. Irrespective of the thing,whether you want to get benefit from the school holidays of your kids, catch up small dinners, get entertaining with the skating and much more, the London is the best place. There is nothing to give a second thought, when you are planning to celebrate your Christmas in the London.

What you can do at Christmas in London?

There are 10 top most things; tourists can do in the London on the eve of Christmas. Explore these things:

1. Visit Kew Gardens

If you have ever been to London to see the heaven of the popular horticulture, then you know the significance, why they are important. If not, then it is the right time to visit. With some free activities in the garden, you can make your family entertained on your own. For younger people, there are lots of interesting activity to explore, such as seeing Santa in the woodland grotto, face painting and much more. other than it, you can visit the secret gardens of London, namely Redcross Garden, Culpeper Community Garden, Postman’s Park, Freightliners City Farm, Bonnington Square, and Golders Green Crematorium.

2. Shopping at Westfield Shopping Center

It is a big shopping center in the White City. At this shopping mall, the major attraction is the ice rink. The ice rink is opened until January 5, which enables skaters to get into the ice in forty five minute sessions. Do not miss the fun at this shopping center, must visit it

3. Watch movies in the cinema

It is the conventional time for blockbuster movies to hit the film industry. This year is no extraordinary. In 2015, you are also going to enjoy the Oscar nominated movies with the effort of the Hollywood industry.

4.  Explore a giant Christmas tree

If you are a festive enthusiast, then the Christmas tree is available to see at the right time. If you do not want to spend a huge amount of money to get entered into the festivity spirit, then visit to a Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is given to the England as a present from Norway. It is decorated in a traditional way.

5.  Go and get into a pantomime

Of course, you will love the Pantomime at this event. Normally, the city is stuffed to the gills with popular faces or models putting on silly clothes and entertaining people by giving some fairytale like things to make the audience shouted.

6. Experience ice-skating at the Tower of London

The Tower of London is popular for different things. One of them is the ice-skating. Skating in the indoor rink at Westfield is fine, but sometimes, if you are interested in skating underneath the stars, then visit to the Tower of London! At this place, you can find a perfect option to convert your dreams into true. After getting darker, the rinks ignited up to add some spectacles. In any case, if you are tottering on your feet, then you can go under the professional guidance to seek for support from one edge of the ice to other.

7.  Go for praying at church

Of course, the Christmas event comers for a reason and you need to understand that reason. To explore more things, you can visit the famous church of the London. At this event, the slade songs are gifts are normal to see, most probably in the churches. While visiting the London, you never go out of the entertainment and antique places. It is because there are a number of churches available in London to choose from. You can visit the St. Martin’s In the Field to experience traditional service. There is also an option to visit the Westminster Abbey.

8. Choose a dip to experience

In fact, it is a well-known fact that the temperature might be sub-zero on this day, the coldest day of the year. But if you get bracing dip in the Serpentine located in Hyde Park, you can get involved into a festive custom from the time 1864. From its inception, a lot of swimming events take place conducted by the club members. In this colder month, it is advised to try a warmer pool, like at the Hampstead Heath.  The park grand kensington hotel is the popular hotel to reside in, when you are on the Christmas trip to London.

9.  Fun at Winter Wonderland

You cannot afford to miss the fun at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It has become a basic of this festive season with a wide range of goodies, which includes the Angels Market. The Wonderland hosts more than 100 stalls, attractions and rides at one time. Get ready to experience spectacular ice sculptures and the famous Giant Observation Wheel,

10.  Find out the Disney on Ice

Being a famous Disney on Ice, it is returning to the O2 over this festival month. It offers a new production Dare to Dream, offering a lot of Disney princesses rolling on their skates and pairing up with Mickey Mouse and his fellows. You will see the Snow White, Cinderella, the Frog Heroine Tiana and many others at this Disney on Ice.

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