Top 10 Pieces of Jewellery For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and what present could possibly top the gift of designer jewellery? Jewellery communicates that you’ve taken the time to put thought into your selection and choose something unique. It’s just as special a gift for your father as it is for your mother, and handmade jewellery makers excel at creating pieces for gentlemen. To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up our top 10 pieces of jewellery that you can buy now.

Urban Cufflinks

These modern and sophisticated cufflinks are composed of 18ct gold vermeil on sterling silver which means they will last for decades to come. But the best thing about them is that they are available in a variety of shades of onyx, the stone of protection. There is a hue for every dad to tell him how much he ‘rocks’!

Urban Mini Studs

Designed by the same handmade jewellery designer to complement the coordinating cufflinks, these studs come in a range of onyx and other semi precious gemstones. Whether worn as a pair or as a sole ear accessory, they work equally for casual, formal and work.

Hive Lego Cufflinks

Crafted by hand from a unique jewellery brand and inspired by cityscapes, these Hive Lego cufflinks are perfect for city slickers and dads who like to stay on top of the latest trends. The surface is designed to catch the light and add some masculine glamour to his look.

Original Icon Ring

Designed for the urban soul who values his independence, this one of a kind ring speaks volumes about what you admire in his character. As a unisex ring, you could even gift this same ring to your mum at next year’s Mother’s Day so that there’s no rivalry!

Pure Logo Cube Ring

This charming pattern, intricately conceived by an ethical jewellery designer, pays homage to old and new and delights in the most finite architectural details. Taking inspiration from all around the world, from Kolkata to London, this ring is perfect for the dad who lives to travel and explore new places.

Hive Cufflinks

These chunky cufflinks symbolise power and strength, and presenting it to your dad speaks a thousand words. Available in gold vermeil and sterling silver, you can choose his favourite hue or surprise him with a set!

Baori Odd Couple Studs

An alternative option for dads devoted to studs, this handsome pair is created by a  unique jewellery brand to help him assert his individual style.

Hive Cuff

This striking cuff embodies the rawness of a contemporary cityscape infused with a soft finish by hand to create an expressively tactile story. Bold, self assured, and created by an ethical jewellery boutique, this bracelet is a true treasure.

Hive Ring

The textured surface of this geometric ring exemplifies modern designer jewellery at its best. Plus, it’s minimalistic enough that he can even wear it to work.

Bespoke handmade jewellery

All of these 9 pieces of designer jewellery are available for customisation. That means you can select your preferred metal or gemstone, or request a special engraving to mark the occasion.

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