Top 10 Reasons Of London Being The Best City In World

There are very few cities in the world that can be crowned as the best cities of the planet and in recent years that position is occupied by none other than London. It is a city where millions of people pour in from all across the world recognizing it as best city in the world. It is even way ahead of Dubai and New York. People from all culture, religion, and walk of life meet here and live in city together. You are sure to explore some of the best things about this city not necessarily from its past but also from its future as well.

And most importantly, London is continuously evolving offering many opportunities for you to explore and live in this city. There are enough technology and innovation in this city to give its inhabitants a bright and surprising future ahead.

If you are wondering about the specific reasons behind crowning London as the best city in the world then, here is list to feed your curiosity and make you understand that visiting London in like a dream come true for every visitors.

Lineage In History
You will be surprised to know this glitz and glamorous London is an old city founded in 43 AD. Yet, it had managed to hold on to the architectural wonders of it encompassing 2000 years. Though quite modern and birthplace of latest fashion, you can see architectures from oldest cultures of the world like Victorian, Roman and Tudor standing tall in the city. To boast about this city, even more, it has four of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on its stride.

You cannot move out of this city apart from visit the top architectural marvel like Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Palace of Westminster. These places are also easily accessible from Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel and other exclusive hotels of London.

Latest In Offering Fashion
Undoubtedly London is the place that goes synonymous with latest and the best fashions of the world. Some of the latest and popular brands in fashion have started its humble journey in this very iconic city and rest history now. This is not all; London is also behind the success story of countless avant-garde designers that started their journey from this city.

Shopping Experiences Made Grand
As the birthplace of latest fashions and designers, it goes without saying that London has something grand stored for everyone when it comes to shopping here. From world famous departmental stores like Harrods and Selfridges to flagship stores and hidden flea market, London has whole lot for shopping fanatics. Drop in at Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby, and many others to choose your style from latest fashions.

On A Sightseeing Spree
Another important thing to d in London and never to feel bored is through its endless sightseeing options. From palaces, castles to architectural and engineering wonder of the modern world, London has everything for visitors. From iconic attractions to beautiful parks, you have everything here to set your mood right.

Ultimate Place For Food
Food here is synonymous with the culture that this place holds. London’s food attracts people from all over the world. From street food to starred restaurants, it has everything to suit your taste buds and take them on a delicious journey.

And when it comes to food here, afternoon tea is something that you cannot miss here. It is a tradition that hundreds of years old and still its lineage is preserved and cherished by the people. You too can be a part of that lineage and enjoy tasty treats that are a part of it.

Easy Commute Possible
London is the city that has left no stone unturned to provide easy transportation networks all around and even outside it. In many cities, you will often find locals whining and complaining about its terrible traffic system. However, in London scene is entirely different. Hop on to Underground Tube in London and visit the stations that have different stories to tell. And most importantly, from buses to trains, taxis, and ferries, there is nothing that is non-accessible in this city.

Amidst Lap Of Nature
London is bustling with activities and colors and is one of the busiest cities in the world. However, that does not mean that you cannot escape somewhere more tranquil and calm. London has hosts of parks and gardens that give you much-needed relaxation and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will get a whiff of nature in these parks and get back to join the activities more energized.  Visiting the top parks such as Hyde Park, Richmond Park, and many others will give you a glimpse of another side of London as an urban forest.

Drenched In Artistic Flair
London is artistic enough to bring out and appeal to the artist in you. From beautiful street arts to famous art galleries, London is at its artistic best to the visitors. Visiting the art galleries is like taking up a journey world of art and from old to new.

Events and exhibitions are a part of this city, and you can rejuvenate your artistic spirit by taking a look at the iconic and some of the best paintings exhibited in top galleries of London.

London At Its Diverse Best
You will be surprised to know that London is most diverse when it comes to culture and languages. There are over 300 languages spoken in this city. When taking a trip to London, you will get to know people from several countries and following several religions. The view of different cultures coming together in this city is always refreshing.

Birthplace Of Theatres
London has some of the best theater scenes to offer to its visitors. And not to forget, its oldest Globe Theater was first established in Elizabethan era when Shakespeare’s plays were featured here and the Queen herself used to visit. Now, you can experience theater at its best on West End with more than 230 theaters giving a unique experience of all.

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