Top 10 things to do this August bank holiday

A holiday is always a great event in London, to say the very least, as there is always something happening and this is something which could not be truer than it is for the August bank holiday.

Taking into account the very many things that can be done in London, it can be said that a person would normally be very spoilt for choice. To start off with the elaborate decision making process, the Notting Hill Carnival is world taking into an account as a possibility as it is well worth making the time to experience this sort of carnival. As a matter of fact, this happens to be the biggest street festival in all of Europe and the fun which is to be had by going ahead and experiencing it is more or less in line with that of the Rio Carnival in Brazil, except on a relatively smaller scale.

The Notting Hill Carnival is something which is a symbol of the past of the city as well as the present of it, in terms of London’s reputation for diversity.

If a person would like to move away from the areas of the city which are better known, in a relative sense, to the tourists who pay a visit to the city and would like to learn more about the city, then, he or she should surely make a trip over to Shoreditch. This is because the Queen of Hoxton Rooftop: A Tribute to Doctor Strange is to be held there around the time of the August bank holiday. This is an event which has a ‘Summer of Love’ as the theme, which is interesting. Talking about interesting, it can be said that the stuff which is available out here is quite interesting as well as there is stuff to eat such as a psychedelic ice cream sandwich, which is well worth a try. There is an alliterative draw to this event, which is ‘food, fun and flower power’, and it does sound very alluring, as well.

Another thing which can be done, taking into account the fact that though London does have green lungs, a person who is visiting may also want to have a change of scene, is to make a day trip from London. The advantage of this is not only that more places can be seen, but the tourist does not need to change his or her base in England, from London. Brighton is one such place which can be visited and has a beautiful beach while the other places include Oxford and Windsor Castle, along with many others. Premier hotels in London England are quite important to enjoy one’s visit to the capital fully.

The part of art in the great culture London has is not something which is to be discounted, for sure and this is made sure of by none other than the Tate Britain, which is one of the best art galleries the city has and is located next to the River Thames. Also, across the river is the Tate Modern which takes care of the depiction of more contemporary art in a manner that can be said to be just as comprehensive. The significance of art in the 19th century is that this was about the time that camera photography began to gain an initial toe hold and also set about its proliferation and then its consequent acceptance not only as a form of reliable depiction but also a form of art.

Another thing to do while in London is to visit Hip Hop Brunch London, which is a great place to go to if a person who is going around visiting the various parts of the city would like to enjoy some great music while also sipping or even downing some very well made drinks. The fee which is to be paid is forty pounds and for the experience, it can be said to be well worth it. One can visit till the 27th of august so it is important that a person who may be interested takes the time out and writes this engagement down on his or her itinerary forthe time which is to be spent by him or her in London. The fun a person is going to have by paying a visit to Hip Hop Brunch London can be said to be typified by the ratings it has received on user dependent sites such as Time Out London.

Ron Arad is a man of interest if a person is in London around the time of the august bank holiday and ‘Ron Arad’s Curtain Call’ is something which will almost surely draw the full attention of any individual who is visiting London and also happens to enjoy a different sort of art. As a matter of fact, some really good artists such as Ori Gersht have been involved.

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