Top Activities To Indulge In Wapping, London

London is full of secrets, and one of them is right in the East End with its exotic riverside location to a fascinating history, Wapping falls on London’s off beaten tracks and so is one of the best-kept secrets. Its history traces back to the time when the place was nothing but a dockland slum. Follow its winding cobbled streets and explore the now converted warehouses along with its host of fashionable restaurants. If you have plan to visit Wapping, check out the list of places you can visit and get to know the other side of London.

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The Prospect of Whitby
Visit London’s oldest riverside pub founded in the year 1520, the Prospect of Whitby has preserved its entire original aesthetics. You will find the pewter-topped bar to the original flagstone to the gallows hanging outside signifying the fascinating and rich local history, all intact. The pub is the local treasure to this place and had played host to famous personalities from Paul Newman, Charles Dickens to Samuel Pepys to Princess Margaret.

The bar was also featured in an episode of Only Fools and Horses. Make it through the door like a smuggler and a nurse for a pint of beer in one of the rickety rooms upstairs. Or you can also choose to admire the view of Thames from its beer garden.

Wilton’s Music Hall
Another historical gem of the place, Wilton’s is the oldest surviving music hall in the world and is located in this area. This music hall also has a history of its structural damage threatened its very existence. However, it was saved by a group of artists that campaigned and fundraised to ensure its survival and restored it to its old glory. After decades now you can visit Wilton in its former glory as a concert hall, bar, theater, and heritage site.

The venue has stayed true with its musical roots and now offers a variety of performances and programs like plays, puppetry, opera, classical music, cabaret, dance and magic shows. So, not only the adults but, the children can also enjoy this venue. The bar also holds special attractions like delicious drinks in ridiculously less price. Team it up with snacks and indulge in the old world charm.

St Katharine Docks
Built on the famous site that was once locations to several venues like a monastery, a hospital and also a thriving center of trade, St Katharine Docks now hosts to several factors. Visit the docks, and you will get to know about the range of restaurants, bars and shops and also offices it has. The surprising fact is that, even if there are so many attractions lined up around the docks, the place never gets over crowded. It is in its ever relaxing state and gives the perfect gateway to escape the humdrum of busy city life. You can also stroll around the marina and admire the beauty it holds including the historic barges and the yachts. The restaurants offer an interesting option to enjoy dinner and drinks with a mesmerizing view of Tower Bridge.

Wapping Beaches
Gives way to picturesque image of glamorous white sand and crystal waters in your mind, the Wapping beaches are more of grittier kind. The beaches had the history of being stomping ground of smugglers. However, that was the scene of yesteryears, and now you can see young couples strolling along the sand trail during high tide. It’s fascinating and industrial past also gives way to a fabulous scavenger hunt. So, get ready to find anything washing up on the banks of River Thames.

Shadwell Basin
If you think that Southbank is just over for you, that necessarily does not mean Thames experience is over for you. The best experience is still saved for the last with Shadwell Basin to enjoy the Thames at its best. It is the only remaining non-landfill part of the historic London docks ready to be witnessed. The basin is in middle of red brick property on all three sides, and at a distance, you can get glimpse of the Shard and Canary Wharf. A peaceful stroll along the edge of the water is very much appreciable by families, friends, and lovers.

If sailing is your kind of thing, you can get that option here too with Outdoor Activity Center allowing canoeing, kayaking, and sailing. If you still looking for some chilled out time, Prospect of Whitby is just round the corner where you can enjoy a perfect pint of beer, a perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy time of water sports.

Tobacco Dock
Perfect place for the boho chicks and guys looking for an all night rave or want to participate in a gin festival and exploring the cool tattoo designs at a tattoo convention, Tobacco Docks is the place to be. The place has its origin back to the 19th century to store tobacco from the New World, and that is how it got its name. This multi-storey warehouse with a rich history is now the most happening venue of culture and events in the Wapping. The outdoor space is perfect for partying all night long, and the two pirate ships will get you the old medieval charm.

Thus, Wapping is the place where you might find the best-kept secrets and treasures of this vast and eclectic city. From fascinating riverside scenes to party venues, in Wapping, you will never run out of places to enjoy, relax and unwind with your family and friends.

If you think the city has starts to lose its charm or you are getting too old for it, visit Wapping to get back the groove.

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