Top attractions to visit in East London

Britain and in particular London is where you will find some of the finest tourist attractions in the world. It is one of the most visited and popular tourist destinations because of the sheer number of things to see and activities to be a part of. It comes as no surprise then that it draws more than 17 million visitors to its shores every year.

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Columbia Road Flower Market: A great place to visit it is one of the best markets to visit in the city. It is not be as large as its peers being just a single street of houses and shops where visitors can buy plants and flowers. Most visit the place for its ambience. It is preferable to avoid the market during peak hours as it can get over-crowded. You will come across a motley mix of vendors and street musicians with the wafting aroma of samosas, cakes and coffee, which is enough to build up an appetite of anyone in the area. Apart from the treats you will find scores of quirky and one-of-a-kind shops that peddle a variety of items ranging from clothes and accessories to antique furniture. A great place to shop at with some great bargains available for those who know how to haggle!

Geffrye Museum: It can be found inside a stately 18th century building set amidst stunning gardens, and is also referred to as a “Museum of the Home”. It offers visitors to catch a glimpse of different periods of British homes through the centuries starting from the 16th to the 20th centuries. It offers a most captivating insight into the interiors of urban class homes. It is great place to go to with the kids and there even is a restaurant that offers English traditional food. A great place to visit with the family!

Museum of London Docklands: Very popular with families, the museum offers an educational opportunity and is picturesquely located on the waterfront, beside a bevy of restaurants to be found along the West India quayside. Canary Wharf is just a short distance away. The museum’s theme is life along the Thames from the period of Roman occupation, with a large number of exhibits from the era of slavery and sugar. It reflects the city in its 19th-century heyday, when London had the distinction of being the biggest port on the planet along with an exhibition of the dreaded Blitz during the Second World War.

Sutton House: Sutton House located in Hackney is owned and managed as a National Trust property. It offers plants and second-hand books for sale houses a serene tea-room with very friendly and amiable staff. This three storey home was built for a Tudor emissary in 1535, and later passed into the hands of a 17th-century silk merchant, followed a large Huguenot family, a Victorian lawyer etc. It’s interesting history along with its many and varied residents are documented in every room on a tour of the place.

Whitechapel Art Gallery: The Whitechapel Gallery was established with the express purpose to bring cultural enlightenment to the residents of the East End, with the first exhibition being held in 1901.It has certainly lived up to its mission and still play a seminal role in promoting art among the residents of the area. It underwent major refurbishment and expansion in 2009 which now offers visitors an opportunity to see art exhibits in nine galleries from private and public collections, a fine dining restaurant and a high quality arts bookshop. It nearest Tube Station is Aldgate East.

Dennis Severs’ House: The mansion is specially been designed to create an intimate setting of life in the 18th century in Spitalfields. With lit candles, food that is half-eaten and dirt bed linen it offers a very realistic picture of what life would have been in that period of time. Visitors are told to keep silent and with no information provided, they are open to forming their own assumptions of this intriguing place. A self-guided tour will take close to three quarters of an hour.

Lee Valley Regional Park: The massive waterside park extends for more than 26 miles from Ware to the Thames River and has an abundance of natural and historic attractions, apart from having been the location for four Olympic venues for the 2012 London Olympics. It also serves as an ecology park and a marine bird reserve. Visitors can also drop in at Trinity Buoy Wharf found at its southernmost tip that is home to a lighthouse built in 1864. Further up on Three Mills Island is the biggest surviving tidal mill in the UK built in 1776.

Ragged School Museum: It was set up in 1877 and is a canal side warehouse that offered meals, education and clothing and meals for more than a thousand street kids in Mile End for over three decades. It now offers a rare insight into those difficult times with a reconstructed Victorian classroom, a typical East End kitchen and exhibits about the history of Tower Hamlets. It also houses a bookshop and a cafe and is great for an educational tour.

Museum of Childhood: It forms part of the V&A Museum and is located in Bethnal Green. It offers a vast assorted collection that features furniture, games, clothes and toys that children have used beginning from the 1600s to contemporary times. Some of the prominent attractions include elaborate cradles, stunning doll houses, clockwork cars and a host of characters from film, books and TV, which the kids simply love. There are a number of kids-oriented events held here, apart from a book-shop and a cafe.

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