Top live music venues in London

Londoners, certainly known how to party in style! If entertainment is on your mind then there is no city better than the capital of the UK. It offers entertainment of every kind ranging from music to theatre, movies to dance and much more. It is a party lover’s haven with some of the hottest night clubs and bars to visit.

You will find a music hall or venue near most of the city hotels in London. Visitors are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to the many music and entertainment venues to choose from. Some offer free entrance while others charge an admission fee.

If you staying at the Montcalm at Brewerysome of the top live music venues and performing art spots to visit in London are:

Wilton’s Music Hall at Shadwell: Wilton’s is one of the oldest surviving music halls in the world, despite having been bombarded in WW II, and having survived efforts to demolish and redevelop the site. It was given a Grade II listed property certification in 1971, although it was only in 2015 that it was deemed to be safe structurally. With an expensive restoration project that cost a staggering £4.5 million it is the ideal spot to enjoy opera, music or theatre, with regular gigs and shows held all through the year.

The 100 Club in Soho: The 100 club has been around for quite a while since 1942. It played a pivotal role in promoting what was termed as underground punk and popularising it with the masses in the 1970s. The club has played host a number of anti-establishment bands like the Sex Pistols and The Cash among others. Situated just off Oxford Street it is the place to visit for alternative, jazz or classical music.

The Barbican: When we mention some of top live music venues in London it will be considered to be incomplete without a mention of this famous hall. Located in what has rather unflatteringly been termed as Brutalist architecture in the Barbican Centre, it is home to the London Symphony Orchestra. The venue is known for its numerous musical and theatre performances, apart from movie screenings and art exhibits. With a capacity to accommodate 2000, it is a favourite with some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry.

The Vaults: The maze like catacombs that lie in the bowels of Waterloo station have served as a fertile breeding ground for some of London’s more alternative musical talented thinkers, whose ambitions have achieved fruition in these underground galleries known collectively as The Vaults. If you want to experience the best of alternative music performances then a visit to the vaults is a must! Come with an open mind to enjoy this alternate music venue.

The Forum: Located in Kentish Town it initially was an art deco cinema. Over the years the vnue has carved a niche for itself as being one of the city’s premier live music venues, which attracts a diverse range of performers from drag to some of the biggest names in the music industry. Some of the big names to have performed here include, Rihanna, Nelly and Kiss. While the seating in the balcony offers a great view if you really want to enjoy the action head to the dance floor.

Union Chapel at Islington:  Islington’s Union Chapel is a multipurpose venue that serves a number of events and activities with great success. It functions as a live music centre, a working church and also as a refuge for some of the city’s’ homeless. With magnificent acoustics the venue offers a magnificent backdrop in its interiors for any type of performance.

Bussey Building: Situated in Peckham the venue narrowly missed being demolished in 2007. It formerly served as a Victorian warehouse that underwent a total transformation which has made it one of the hottest night clubs in the city of London. With multiple floors this venue caters to a wide variety of musical genres from rave to reggae, disco to jazz. In the mornings it also hosts theatre performances and art exhibits. It even has a cinema on its rooftop.

The Tabernacle: Located in Notting Hill in what is a fabulous Grade II-listed building, The Tabernacle was originally constructed to serve as a church in 1887. It later was transformed in the 1970’s to serve as a venue for the performing arts. With music legends like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones having played here in the past, now it caters more to gigs and shows that are performed from members of the local community.

The Young Vic: One of the most famous landmarks in Waterloo the playhouse follows a simple precept. It offers some of the latest gigs and productions at very affordable prices.  It has succeeded in doing a fantastic job by promoting young and upcoming talent to break into the limelight. And what makes it all the more attractive is that it offers up to ten percent of its tickets for the local community at no cost.

Cafe Oto: It can be aptly described as one of the more unusual venues that plays host to avant-garde and experimental genres of music, which offer its own unique musical experience.  While it may not look too much, it certainly makes up with its gigs that are path breaking and seminal in their own way. If you are into music of all sorts and really open to the experimental then a visit to one of the gigs at Cafe Oto is certainly recommended!

The Barfly: Located in Camden the Barfly is a two storied venue that has attracted a number of prominent musicians and gigs over the years. Popular with the younger lot it has played host to big names like Muse, The Killers and Coldplay which has helped it to cement its name as being one of the best alternate music clubs in the city.

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